8 Reasons Not to Get a Boob Job ...


8 Reasons Not to Get a Boob Job ...
8 Reasons Not to Get a Boob Job ...

I could give you a hundred reasons not to get a boob job. Personally, I see no reason to get one done. Of course, I may think different if I were not a 36 DD. You girls that have smaller size should not complain. You get to wear all of those cute shirts. Of course, I find cute shirts, but I've come across really cute shirts that I could not fit in because of the boobs.

Before you go any further, the pictures on here will probably make you WANT to get a boob job, at least, I can see a girl making that comment. But here are some reasons you shouldn't:

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It Doesn't Feel Right

It Doesn't Feel Right Photo Credit: *Evelina*

I don't know, but to me, a boob job just doesn't feel right. Then, you'd feel that when someone is looking at you, they're not really looking at you, they are looking at THEM. That is actually how I feel with mine and it's true.


A Lot of Guys do Not like Fake

It's true, many guys out there will tell you that they do not like the fake ones. I can't count how many guys I have heard saying that. Then, when a guy comes up to you and actually likes you (or so you think), the chances of him being a good guy may not be high. Do you get what I am saying?


Many men often champion natural beauty and express distaste for artificial enhancement, particularly when it comes to breast augmentation. They claim to prize authenticity and the 'real deal.' Yet, it's confusing because society and media still bombard us with images of 'ideal' women who often have had some work done. It makes you wonder, doesn't it? Are they telling the truth, or simply echoing what they think is the right thing to say? It's a perplexing situation – like they desire the fantasy but preach for reality. And that brings us to ask, which do they truly appreciate?


The Health Concerns

The Health Concerns Photo Credit: Helga Weber

While these health concerns are rare, I wouldn't want to put myself at risk, even if it were just a little bit. Some of the complications could end with having to have your breast removed. Yikes! That is certainly not what you asked for. Your heart and lungs could also be damaged as well as your chest wall. You could also die. Is that really all that worth it?


Microorganisms Live in Them?

Microorganisms Live in Them? Photo Credit: *kday*

When they removed the saline implants, they have found microorganisms living in them. It's worse today, because they now contain vegetable oil. Why is this worse? Because vegetable oil goes bad. I don't know about you, but I don't want any microorganisms living in there!


The Doctor May Not Be Fully Honest

There have been times when a doctor pushes any life-threatening complications to the side and tell you how good you look when you really should be rushing to the emergency room. I know, it may be far-fetched to you, but you cannot trust every single doctor out there. This is something that has been happening in the cosmetic surgery business more than we can keep up with.


Will It Need Another Operation?

Will It Need Another Operation? Photo Credit: https://www.lucarossato.com)

The National Institute of Medicine has concluded that twenty five to forty percent of women that get implants will need to go in for another operation in order to correct something that did not work out with the first time.


It Doesn't Look Good

It Doesn't Look Good Photo Credit: DiggPirate

I do not see what the big deal with a boob job really is. Sure, you may have a bigger cup size, but it really doesn't look all that good. I mean, people can tell that it is fake, then, do you know what they start to think of your personality?


When considering breast augmentation, it's vital to understand that natural aesthetics might be compromised. Often, the results can appear unnatural or disproportioned, drawing unwanted attention or criticism rather than admiration. Furthermore, the risk of having asymmetrical outcomes or visible scarring can detract from your appearance. Society often prizes authenticity, and a procedure that is visibly artificial can influence how you're perceived professionally and personally. The desire for larger breasts should be carefully weighed against the potential for achieving a look that may not align with the effortless beauty standards often celebrated in today's culture.


The Costs

It's sad to think that if these did not cost so much that most of the world would be getting one done. The cost is the one thing that is stopping a lot of people from getting a boob job.

There are my 8 reasons not to get a boob job. If you DO want to get one, then you really need to think it out. Is it something that you could see yourself getting? Are you willing to take the risks? If so, then after all, it is your body and you can do what you want with it. So, are you wanting one?

Top Photo Credit: Gabriela Camerotti

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I want one well ive heard dat in mexico they have da best implants

What I absolutely hate about boob jobs is the fact that girls younger and younger are considering getting them, I have heard at least 4 or 5 of my friends say that they want them, and they were all like C's or D's. I don't want one.. And I'm a bloody A cup xD

I'm not a fan of boob job either. microorganisms? not to sound cynical but a goldfish could live in there..

Of course boobs jobs are not a complete evil, cancer survivors who lose one or both breasts often opt to get implants to replace their missing breast tissue.

a boob job?? just like imagining the jellyfish lives inside ur bra. LOL.

I agree that you should be happy with what you have. I just don't see the point in putting something foreign inside your body, knowing it could affect your health if something goes wrong. It's just better (and cheaper) to have a good self-image :P

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