8 Reasons Not to Get a Boob Job ...

I could give you a hundred reasons not to get a boob job. Personally, I see no reason to get one done. Of course, I may think different if I were not a 36 DD. You girls that have smaller size should not complain. You get to wear all of those cute shirts. Of course, I find cute shirts, but I've come across really cute shirts that I could not fit in because of the boobs.

Before you go any further, the pictures on here will probably make you WANT to get a boob job, at least, I can see a girl making that comment. But here are some reasons you shouldn't:

8. It Doesn't Feel Right

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Photo Credit: *Evelina*

I don't know, but to me, a boob job just doesn't feel right. Then, you'd feel that when someone is looking at you, they're not really looking at you, they are looking at THEM. That is actually how I feel with mine and it's true.

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