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7 Reasons I Hate to Love Military Boys ...

By Melanie

I worked with the military under a contract, but that was after I was married, so I did not have guys in my mind. I even got married on a military base out by a beautiful lake. It was a restricted area, so everyone had to be on the guest list to get in, otherwise, they could not go to my wedding. So, it was a small wedding, which is exactly how I wanted it. Despite it all, when my husband spoke about joining the military, my heart stood still. I’ve always had respect for those in service, but I hate to love military boys. Why is that? Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons I hate to love military boys …

7 They Will Be Away a Lot

They Will Be Away a LotPhoto Credit: The National Guard

I’m not sure if I could handle the one I love being gone a lot. I mean, I have had long distance relationships before that expanded to other countries, but it would be different if it were a husband. Them being gone a lot would be a reason I would hate to love military boys.

6 Early Bedtime

Early BedtimePhoto Credit: magnushamar

So that the boy, or shall I say man, can get up by the crack of dawn, he will have to go to bed early. There is no staying up to watch a movie or staying up late to chat on the phone. He will have a cut off time and you will need to abide by that cut off time.

5 The Children

The ChildrenPhoto Credit: Poppyseed Bandits

When you have children, it is even harder. The children will not be able to see their father as much as the other children do.

4 Guilt

GuiltPhoto Credit: DVIDSHUB

Whenever you talk about what a good time you had, what you had for supper, all the cool video games coming out that you get to play or all the cool movies you watch, you will feel guilt. You will wonder why you ever said it after you hang the phone up. When he is serving in duty, over seas in the war, he does not get to experience these things.

3 Frustrating

FrustratingPhoto Credit: Lasch (giggling my day away...)

It may be frustrating when you are married and are not able to get some. Yes, I had to say it. When you are married to a military man, there are going to be some dry spells and it’s sad to hear how some women go and cheat on their men while they are serving in the country. At the same time, it makes me happy to hear how some women will wait for their man for all eternity.

2 Time Difference

Time DifferencePhoto Credit: Robert Lz

When the military guy is overseas, whether it is Iraq, Japan or any other country, there may be a time difference. Sometimes, the time difference is seven hours or more. This can make it hard because when you are going to bed, he is getting up. You’ll have to adjust your time (he can’t adjust his) just to speak with him.

1 Fear

FearPhoto Credit: valen16

Yes, there is definitely fear. There is fear of your husband dying and I am not going to sugarcoat this one. Every wife who has a husband is afraid of the messenger knocking on the door. When they open the door to a man in uniform with their hats off, they automatically start crying. It’s a sad thought and you constantly live in fear. At least, I know I would.

Those are 7 reasons I hate to love military boys. When I was in high school and a boy would start talking about joining the military, if I had a crush on them, that crush would go away. Sitting at home worrying about the man I love is not something I want to do. So, what about you? Why do you hate to love a military man?

Top Photo Credit: mbell1975

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