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7 Reasons to Explain Your Lack of Concentration ...

By Lyndsie

I often have trouble concentrating, and I'm sure you do as well, at least some of the time. I want to work on improving my concentration and focus on the coming year, but I realized I first needed to figure out why I am having trouble focusing. Here are some things that explain a lack of focus. I hope they help you as well!

1 Multitasking

MultitaskingPhoto Credit: JayceG

Being able to multitask is definitely a gift. I have always thought I was good at it, but now I realize that is one of the reasons I cannot focus on certain things. When I'm trying to write three different things at once, work on graphics, and talk on the phone, I ultimately mess up something about each task. Checking your email, talking to your spouse, making dinner, and trying to do the laundry all at the same time … it's probably not going to work out.

2 Not Enough Nutrients

Not Enough NutrientsPhoto Credit: fringehog

I am really guilty of this one. When you don't get all the nutrients you need, you simply cannot concentrate. Like, I never eat breakfast and I frequently skip lunch as well. Not only is that totally unhealthy, but I am not feeding my brain – something every grade school and health teacher I ever had told me to do. Over and over. Eating right is important, for both your body and your brain.


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3 Not Relaxing

Not RelaxingPhoto Credit: JacobWilliamForquer

Even if you can't take a vacation, you have to take some time for yourself. When you get too stressed, your focus flies right out the window. Even if you have to relax by taking a bath, going for a walk, or just sitting in silence listening to music, make sure you take the time to do it. And if you can get away, even if it's only for the weekend, try to do so whenever it's possible. Your batteries need to be recharged once in a while.

4 Excess Weight

Excess WeightPhoto Credit: dubbie

Well, this was a huge eye opener. I'm not shy about being honest: I do carry around a few extra pounds. Evidently, that can lead to memory loss – especially with women. Scary thought! Which brings me to the next point--

5 Skimping on Activities

Skimping on ActivitiesPhoto Credit: Fotomom

Exercise is important. Not everyone has an exercise regime – ahem, ahem – but even if you don't have time for a workout schedule, you should make time to be active every single day. Even if you just take your dogs for a walk or go for a walk yourself, it is important to be active in some way. Again, this is good for your body as well as your mind.

6 Not Enough Sleep

Not Enough SleepPhoto Credit: Dusty Smith -

I'm extremely guilty of this as well. I have a horrible tendency to stay up way too late, so I end up sleeping until late morning. That just isn't quality sleep. To improve your rest, do not sleep with the television on. I've tested this theory, and I really do sleep much better when there are no outside distractions or stimulants like that. My dreams are a lot less freaky as well.

7 Stagnating

StagnatingPhoto Credit: esparist

I am sure everyone knows what it feels like to be stuck in one place, like you are stagnating in a rut. It is important to change up your routine sometimes. You need to challenge your brain if you want to keep it powerful!

I would love to be able to concentrate more and improve my focus. I think the world would be my oyster, so to speak. Does anyone else have a problem with concentrating? And do any of you have tips on how to improve focus?

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