6 Essential Tips for Not Being Distracted While Driving ...


6 Essential Tips for Not Being Distracted While Driving ...
6 Essential Tips for Not Being Distracted While Driving ...

Distracted driving is a serious problem in the United States, and it isn't likely to go away thanks to onboard devices and cell phones. Especially in states that are becoming increasingly congested such as Colorado, traffic has contributed to a lot of these distracted driving too. Unless you know of a great Colorado car accident attorney, heed these tips to avoid being distracted while you're on the road.

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Put Down the Cell Phone

While nobody can fault you for having a cell phone in your car, you should only use it in emergencies. Even if you have a hands-free device, you're still going to be distracted while you're talking on your phone. Texting is right out.

If you must use your phone to make a call or send a text, wait until you can stop somewhere. No phone call or text message is worth a potentially fatal crash.


Pull Over If You're Too Drowsy

Driving when you're sleep-deprived is not unlike driving drunk. It makes you four times as likely to crash your car, so play it safe and pull over if you feel like you're going to fall asleep.


Pick a Radio Station and Stick With It

If you like to listen to the radio in your car, don't look for a station while you're driving. Pick something you like before you start moving, and stick with it until you have the chance to stop. Better yet, if you have a passenger, let them have control of the radio while you keep your eyes on the road.


Avoid Eating When You Drive

We've all been in a situation where we've had to eat on the run. If you're running late and you don't have time to eat before you leave your house, you've probably gone through a drive-through and eaten while you were on the road. As convenient as that may seem, it's also very distracting. If you're hungry and you feel the need to eat something, you can wait. Going an extra 20 minutes before eating lunch is better than having to contact a car accident attorney.


Limit Your Passengers

Carpooling may be a wonderful thing, but having too many passengers can be a problem. You should know how many people you can fit in your vehicle comfortably, so don't go over that number. When you do give someone a ride, set some clear rules about what they're allowed to do. If they're too noisy or they're doing something that will distract you from the road, they shouldn't be in your car.


Keep Your Eyes on the Road

You might see something interesting when you're driving. When you do, don't take your eyes off the road to get a better look at it. Not only does it hold up traffic and annoy everyone behind you, but it's also a good way to crash into another vehicle. Chances are that you'll be at fault in such an accident, so look straight ahead and keep going. 

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