Top 10 Ways to Train Your Memory ...


Top 10 Ways to Train Your Memory ...
Top 10 Ways to Train Your Memory ...

Recent studies have shown that you need to engage your brain regularly in order to stay sharp. Keeping your brain ticking over doesn't mean that you need to spend on brain boosting games or toys. In short, it does not have to cost a fortune and doesn’t even have to take much time. Here are my top ten ways toboost your brainpower and improve your memory...

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Read a Good Book

Read a Good Book Photo Credit: scampion

As well as stimulating your imagination, reading causes your brain to memorize information about characters, plots and feelings, to create mental images. So reading increases your memory, your intelligence and your vocabulary. It’s time to check out the must-read book list and invest in one now - and don't be scared to diversify your book collection!


Play a Game

Play a Game Photo Credit: Tektum

Okay, so I said ways that don’t include spending a fortune, but older versions of Brain Training are now quite cheap, and there are a lot of pre-owned versions around. Playing once or twice a day for half an hour will keep you thinking, and it’ll plot a graph of your performance, too!



Sleep Photo Credit: maliburachel

Getting enough rest is vital to keep your brain in good condition, so if it has been a while since you got your full eight hours, make it a priority. Being tired makes the brain find it much harder to do simple tasks, and really affects your mental ability so concentrate ongetting a good night sleep.


Learn Something New

Learn Something New Photo Credit: La ciudad visible (moving my residence to Paris)

Think about something you’d love to learn to do, and do it. Try your hand at a new hobby- maybe sewing, or pot making, or painting. Write a poem or a story. Do something that you can’t do, and let your brain try to figure it out. This will improve your recollection of how you do similar things, and stimulate your mind, too.


Break Your Routine

Break Your Routine Photo Credit: TomLA

Do something a bit strange. Swap your morning coffeefor tea, write with your other hand, mix up your routine. Your brain will have a pattern of behaviour, and if you mix it up, it’ll have to reprocess, which will sharpen it up and rewire your memory.


Work with Numbers

Work with Numbers Photo Credit: stitchindye

Do something with numbers. Manually calculate your grocery shopping bill as you walk around, or do some mental arithmetic. Using your maths skills from school will not only engage your memory, it’ll really sharpen your skills, too.


Leave Your GPS behind

Leave Your GPS behind Photo Credit: cookipediachef

Do you really need a GPS in your car? Stimulate your memory by discovering how to get from point A to point B. Look at things to guide your way, landmarks or rare flowers or bus stops. Take in all the sights, so you can get there and back. A simple and free way to boost your brainpower!


Talk about the past

Talk about the past Photo Credit: agirlfromozbutnot

Tell someone, or maintain a journal about your past. Not just the easy to access memories but the ones you have to think hard about. Your memory is a powerful tool, but only if you revisit your memories. If you don’t, you’ll overwrite them.


Memorize a Phrase in Another Language

Memorize a Phrase in Another Language Photo Credit: chingers7

Learning a foreign language is definitely on my list of things to do before I die. But instead of a whole language, just memorize a phrase or a poem. Something that you have to teach your brain and recall it everyday. See how long it takes before it is completely committed to memory. Your brain will relish the challenge, and the ability to absorb something different.


Read the Dictionary

Read the Dictionary Photo Credit: Mukumbura

Learn a new word every day. The word, how you pronounce it, and what it means. Try to use it occasionally in conversation if you can or just think about it so that it stays in your head. At the end of the week, see how many you can remember!

Your memory is an important tool but as you age, if you don’t use it, you really will lose it. These tips can take as little as a few minutes each day, and you're sure to feel the benefits. I’m trying to do them all at least once a week! Have you got a brain boosting tip? Please share it with me!

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My memory should be 5* if reading really helped me alot. How much can I read more than a book in a week!? And I still have trouble remembering all the stuff! From work pressures to life pressures, it's me who gets lesser indulgence!

great tips! I read the dictionary, read other books, and I am currently learning Korean. I hate numbers.

If you keep zoning out and are unable to concentrate on what you are trying to remember, drinking water perks you up instantaneously! I'm guessing a balanced diet helps too :)

I read lots of books..but sometimes too much studying also leads to memory related problems.This is though my personal opinion.

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