7 Ways to Get a Fast Response ...


7 Ways to Get a Fast Response ...
7 Ways to Get a Fast Response ...

The hardest thing for me to do is wait. I send an email and I want a response now! I call someone, I want him or her to answer, or return my call, now! I’m sorry I just don’t like waiting! When you are in a hurry, and waiting is not an option, there are a few things you can do to get a quicker response. Here’s what to do!

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Let Them Know You Need It Now

Let Them Know You Need It Now Photo Credit: jayneandd

Set a dead line in your email. Simply state you need an answer by this afternoon, or in the morning. That way, people are more prone to answer right away.


Use Specific Words

Use Specific Words Photo Credit: j0L0

Don’t use words like, “I’m just…” or “If it’s not a problem…” Be specific and ask for a direct answer. People are more likely to respond faster.


Use the Right Words

Use the Right Words Photo Credit: enderby49

Don’t use the words “urgent” or “please help” and don’t use exclamation points. These are classic ways spammers send out mail. A great alternative is the word “important.” Type it into the subject line and use it sparingly.


Keep It Short

Keep It Short Photo Credit: LittleRedCera

Most people spend two to three minutes reading an email. If you have something truly important to send, attach it as a document. That way, the recipient can read it later.


Text Them

Text Them Photo Credit: lomokev

I didn’t see the fun of texting until I actually tried it. Now, I text everyone. Texting is quick, private, and easy. In general, people text you almost as soon as they receive the text.


Social Networking Works

Don’t have a cell phone number, but need to get in touch with him or her right now? Send a message to Facebook, Twitter, or some other social network system. These are great ways to get a message through.


Use a Chat System

Use a Chat System Photo Credit: littlerottenrobin

Instant chat is available on most email systems, such as Gmail. If you need a quick, short response, chat works great if you are at your computer. People see it instantly and can respond with a quick, “yes” or “no.” immediately.

Which of these instant answers do you use the most? Tell us about it!

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