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10 Study Habits to Start Now ...

By Britni

I don’t like to study. I absolutely dread it, but I know that it has to be done in order for me to be successful in school. Here's my list of 10 study habits to start now with the help of which you will have successful study sessions...

Table of contents:

  1. plan your work
  2. talk to your teacher
  3. find a place to study in peace
  4. ask yourself questions
  5. study on a full stomach
  6. allow yourself time for big assignments
  7. know why you’re studying
  8. write, write, write

1 Plan Your Work

Map out all of your assignments that are due. I use highlighters and each color represents the importance of the assignment and it helps me plan my work better. Use a calendar and write the assignments under the due dates and 2 weeks before that due date, prepare for that assignment. This allows yourself time to study as well keep the assignment fresh in your head.

2 Talk to Your Teacher

Keeping open communication will help you better understand the assignments when you study. Engage in conversations about the subject with the teacher. Make it a one on one session with light coffee talk, so that it doesn’t feel like your being grilled or it’s a study session.

3 Find a Place to Study in Peace

Home doesn’t always work and neither does the library. I find parks, and places with water help me to study, especially during my exams. Water is so calming and a quiet park can be relaxing!

4 Ask Yourself Questions

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Ask yourself questions after you’ve read a chapter or a couple of sentences to make sure you understand. If you do not comprehend what you have just read, stop and take time out to ask yourself a question about what it is you do not understand. Doing that will sometimes give you the answer. You may have read too fast and just missed a vital piece of information!

5 Study on a Full Stomach

Whenever I try and rush and study without eating, the result is horrible! Always eat a snack before studying. It will keep you alert and you won’t have to take a food break! Eating on an empty stomach also takes your mind off the material and on your growling stomach. Keep your stomach full!

6 Allow Yourself Time for Big Assignments

Do all the research for big projects at least a month in advance. The last minute things that you may need to do regarding big projects are just putting the finishing touches on it. Two weeks before the assignment is due you should have everything in order! This will also help keep any study related stress at bay.

7 Know Why You’re Studying

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We have a goal when it comes to school, getting that A, diploma, or just being recognized by the teacher for doing an outstanding job! Know why you’re studying and it willbecome a habit...

8 Write, Write, Write

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Taking notes is an essential part of studying! Summarize what you have studied into your own words so that you understand it in your own language. Writing word for word out of the book doesn’t always help. You need to make a translation that will better help you to grasp the material!

What techniques do you use to help you study? Have you tried any of the above techniques? Where do you go to get peace and quiet for studying? Please let me know!

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