7 of My Favorite Study Habits and Helpers ...


7 of My Favorite Study Habits and Helpers ...
7 of My Favorite Study Habits and Helpers ...

Why is it that some kids devour their homework, while others need an iron guard watchdog to finish their assignments? After a long, glorious summer break, school routines just aren’t what most kiddo’s desire. Here are a few study habits that may revolutionize the way your children do their homework!

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A Set Time?

Some parents insist on homework the minute the kids walk in the door. Please mom, remember they have spent the last eight hours in class. A break can be refreshing and relaxing. Let your tired scholar rest his brain muscles! Eat a snack, take a break, and then work on homework.


A Set Place

A Set Place Photo Credit: Brandy Shaul

A homework station is easy to set up. Make sure your child has access to pencils, papers, folders, and reference books. Also, there should be plenty of light. You can use the dining room table, a window seat, or an unused corner of the basement.



No, I don’t mean loud, toe tapping, jamming music. My children listen to soft classical pieces. Why not try Mozart, Handel, Brahms, and others. Classical music has been proven to improve IQ levels. Keep the choices light and cheery and maybe your kids will not balk at the idea.



Healthy snacks are a great addition for study habits. Protein is an excellent choice. Think peanut butter and crackers, egg salad, or protein bars. Don’t forget veggies and fruits. Serve them with ranch dip and caramel sauce.


Computer Access

Computer Access Photo Credit: Svadilfari

It may be necessary for your child to use the Internet for research. Please safe guard your children! Do not allow surfing or random browsing. Odd and strange websites can pop up through even the basic Google search. Monitor your kids while they make use of the computer.


Don’t Allow Homework in the Bedroom

Don’t Allow Homework in the Bedroom Photo Credit: Alfie | Japanorama

What is your child doing behind closed doors? Are they really working on homework? How do you know? With no supervision, your son or daughter may not have the will power to refuse that text message of phone call. It may be best to set up a homework station close to you. This will assure the essay is written before the text message.


Portable Privacy

Portable Privacy Photo Credit: studiolams

If your child is easily distracted by the dog outside the window or little Tommy playing with his cars on the floor, make a privacy enclosure. You can buy tri-fold display board or make one from three cardboard display boards taped together. These can be placed on the table and when homework is finished, simply fold them and place in the closet or under the couch. No more wondering eyes!

Let’s face it. Even the most studious student doesn’t love homework all the time. Help make homework time as enjoyable as possible for your kids by making this time as special as possible. What compels your child to finish his homework? (Please don’t say bribes!)

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Only God can help me concentrating in studies. I fell asleep when I am too concentrated in study.:p

Studies have shown that the average attention span lasts only 20 to 40 minutes, so I'd say 45 minute periods of study and a half hour break between periods isn't too unreasonable. If the child has more than 2 hours of homework under 6th grade, it may be time to speak with the teacher and propose that they are loading the students with too much. I am in college and I listen to classical music when I study.

I'm going into grade 12 and I personally have a really hard time concentrating on homework and this year I really need to step it up and focus. But I don't have my parents monitoring me. How can I pump myself up to do it without answering all my texts or getting distracted with facebook when I research?

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