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Some people say they don’t like classical music yet claim to be music lovers. I think they are missing out on something special. The range of classical music is just as wide as popular styles and it’s music that really stirs the soul. When you think how these guys were painstakingly handwriting every single note with quill pens as they composed and were very often proficient players of many musical instruments, classic music should be more revered than it is. Here are 7 marvellous classical composers I admire and enjoy listening to.

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Highly versatile Russian classicist of the Romantic Era, Tchaikovsky composed symphonies, operas, ballets and chamber music. Swan Lake and the Nutcracker suite are his most famous ballets whilst his use of cannons at the end of his 1812 Overture to represent Napoléon’s guns is genius and instantly recognisable.



Who hasn’t heard of Mozart? One of the most famous marvellous classical composers, Mozart was a child prodigy who starting composing at the age of 6. He composed over 600 works for individual instruments, orchestras and opera companies. Mozart was a master of the contrary and his works contain passion and froideur and darkness and light. His requiem plunges the depths of the human soul whilst The Magic Flute is a wondrous fairytale.



The other name that comes immediately to mind when talking marvellous classical composers is Beethoven. Losing his hearing in his late twenties was no barrier to the power of his artistry and he wrote some of the most beautiful music as a gift for the world to enjoy. Just listen to Ode to Joy and fail to be moved.



Many people put Verdi at the top of their list of marvellous classical composers but purists disagree because he only wrote Opera. If, however, you are an opera fan, you will be familiar with Verdi’s 28 magnificent and diverse compositions. La donna e mobile is one of his most recognisable arias (from Rigoletto).



Not the most famous yet probably the least appreciated for his true worth. Not only was he Beethoven’s tutor but he invented the string quarter and the modern symphony. He was also the most prolific of all the marvellous classical composers. Haydn’s Concerto for Cello is considered the finest of his huge catalogue of works that cover every genre of classical music.



Second only to Haydn in terms of quantity produced, Handel was a Baroque composer, earlier than the romantic guys who were able to be influenced by his many works. Known for hugely expansive and extravagant music, he is responsible for The Messiah, Water Music and the Music for the Royal Fireworks.



This is one of the marvellous classic composers most famous for one particular instrument rather than style of music. Chopin presented us with some of the most superlative music there is for piano.

I apologise if your personal favorite isn’t here but no apologies if I’ve inspired you to listen to something from these or any others of the marvellous classical composers. Like any music there will be as much stuff you don’t like as you do but until you try, how will you know?

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These musicians are geniuses

Saint Saens is definitely one of my favourites.

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