7 Ways to Get Ready for a Test Fast ...


7 Ways to Get Ready for a Test Fast ...
7 Ways to Get Ready for a Test Fast ...

So, you just heard the word that every high schooler dreads the most: TEST. Yikes! And you’re so not ready! Well, don’t stress about it. Here are 7 ways to get ready for that test fast!

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Go to Bed Early the Night before

Go to Bed Early the Night before Photo Credit: AehoHikaruki

Your body needs to get the right mount of rest so that that you can be alert and well focused. Turn off the TV, quit texting and get some rest! Eat a light, nutritious dinner such as fish or a salad that will nourish you and help you rest well.


Wake up Early

Wake up Early Photo Credit: Kelly Ann.

You’ve heard the saying “the early bird catches the worm”, right? Well it’s true! Wake up early enough that you can shower and take some time to really wake up and focus, and run over your notes before you leave. Make sure you start your day with a clear head!


Have a Wholesome Breakfast

Have a Wholesome Breakfast Photo Credit: SeetYing

Eat a balanced meal such as eggs and toast or some fruit and yogurt. Give yourself some brain food and energy! Drink plenty of fluids so you will be hydrated. Stay away from highly saturated foods with lots of sugar. They will give you a buzz, but it will drop down leaving you feeling tired and hungry and un-able to focus.


Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need Photo Credit: chigmaroff

Check to be sure all your pencils are sharpened, your pens all write smoothly, and the batteries in your calculator work. Grab an extra notepad so you will have plenty of paper. It never hurts to be prepared!


Make Flashcards

Make Flashcards Photo Credit: ke_cupcake

Make yourself some flashcards with the key points that you need to remember for the test so you can drill yourself with them. Don’t spend a lot of time on them, just make them simple. You can take them and study them anywhere, on the treadmill, at the doctor’s office, driving down the road, anywhere! Be creative!


Start Prepping Right Away

Start Prepping Right Away Photo Credit: JulesAmeel

As soon as your teacher mentions a test, start prepping for it! Don’t put it off till the day before the test. You want to do your best, so review all of your material you’ve covered the past few weeks, and concentrate most heavily on the sections your test will be covering.



Relax Photo Credit: BoazImages

Calm down. Being flustered will only make you more nervous and you may forget answers to questions you could have quoted in your sleep! You are going to do fine. Just steady your nerves and be calm.

There you have it! The seven steps you need to take to prepare yourself for a test. You will do fine! I’m so glad you care enough about your grade to try and improve it!

Top Photo Credit: chigmaroff

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