8 Tips for Becoming a True Leader ...


8 Tips for Becoming a True Leader ...
8 Tips for Becoming a True Leader ...

In these days many leaders are corrupt, fighting for their own good, instead of helping the masses, being a true leader is a challenge, they must have compassion for the people, they must trust in their power to change things….

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Step on Your Exaggerated Ego

Step on Your Exaggerated Ego Photo Credit: Glenn Batuyong

If you want to be a real leader you must listen to your employees, they may have some good advice to share, for the benefit of the company, stop intimidating them or seeing them from an upper position, they are people like you, the only difference is the social position. Acting like a monarch does not motivate them, they will only hate you and envy you and they could leave their job in the end if they are not happy with your decisions.


Be Open to People

Be Open to People Photo Credit: Ido Kron (off...)

Listen to any suggestions and make decisions after consulting every partner, the good functioning of the company is in fact the most important thing, you must let the information flow in every direction and the communication must run smooth between different groups. Don’t be jealous if another good employee becomes a leader for having a good performance, a true leader takes people with him on the hierarchic scale.


Be a Visionary

Be a Visionary Photo Credit: i_am_mindspell

True managers must visualize themselves and the firm many years from now to see what achievements they have accomplished in their position, this makes you improve yourself if the future doesn’t look good. You must always be open to new things as the world changes and the requirements also change.


Be an Example to Others

Be an Example to Others Photo Credit: US Navy

It is easy to give orders and assignments to people, but it’s a little harder to maintain yourself in line with helping the employees finish the jobs faster by working with them hand in hand.


Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself Photo Credit: Resclassic2

If you have self confidence it means you have knowledge, and that was built from years of study, research and experience, all to make you reach the position in which you are now, that means you are qualified for your current leading spot.


Be Prepared for Nasty Situations

Be Prepared for Nasty Situations Photo Credit: Gabu-chan

If any financial crisis occurs, or some natural disasters that may affect in a way or another a company, you must have plans prepared for resolving the situation.


Hire Good Employees

Hire Good Employees Photo Credit: USACE Europe District

Make sure that every person that applies for a job in your company is becoming what he desires most in his life, this reduces the risk of later problems, so prepare a good interview.


Be Devoted and Ask Your Staff to do the Same

Be Devoted and Ask Your Staff to do the Same Photo Credit: minorityreport

If you are a manager it means you asked for it, and your employees wanted their jobs so why not show commitment in everything you do and try to motivate people under you work hard.

If you want to be really respected for exactly what you are and that people under you to admire your class without any fear or gossip, become a true leader. You want to popular? Make others love you , not fear you…

Top Photo Credit: twg1942

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