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By Meream

1 on Holiday Photos

The wonderful people at Photojojo gathered these great holiday photo ideas. I like the light painting idea. But look at that panography concept! How awesome is that?

2 on Traveling with Kids This Season

I can't imagine what it must be like to travel with kids, especially during the holidays. If this is your first time, these tips will certainly be of help to you. Check them out!

3 on Ghost Hunting

If ghost hunting is a new thing that you wish to do come 2011, these tips are for you. Number 4 is the most important, in my opinion. Only characters in movies go ghost hunting alone.

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4 on Photographing Butterflies

I used to do this with my point and shoot! It's great fun. With these tips, I'd love to photograph butterflies again with my DSLR.

5 on Helping a Friend in an Abusive Relationship

This is a post that every girl should read. If you know someone in an abusive relationship (it doesn't have to be physical), knowing these tips can save your friend's life.

Aren't these tips timely and helpful? If you've read some posts on other websites with great tips, please tell us about them!

Top Photo Credit: photojojo

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