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7 Tips on Looking Hot in a Rush ...

By Melanie

This happens to me a lot of mornings, especially when it is cold! I guess I am slower when it is cold outside? I have developed some techniques that, so far, have been working for me when I am getting ready in a rush.

Table of contents:

  1. makeup that does two or three things at once
  2. nail pens
  3. tinted moisturizer
  4. no sweatpants or sweatshirts
  5. four minute morning shower
  6. wet locks
  7. postsex hair

7 Makeup That Does Two or Three Things at Once

Do you know what I like? When I have makeup that does multiple things at one time. As an example, I have some mascara that saves me from having to curly my lashes as it curls them for me. The mascara also “adds” length to my lashes.

6 Nail Pens

Face it, not all of us are able to sit down and perfect our nails. Many of us are in a rush. If you decide that you want to have your nails painted that day, then break out with those nail pens. The nail pens are easy to use.

5 Tinted Moisturizer

I like using tinted moisturizer and I remember how thankful I am for it when I am in a rush. Tinted moisturizer will actually do three things at one time. It moisturizes, gives coverage and offers protection from the sun. In my makeup cabinet, it is a must have.

4 No Sweatpants or Sweatshirts

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I know, these can look sexy, but if you are looking to be hot in a rush, then you need to at least result in jeans and a T-shirt. I’m sorry if this one offends you, but this is my opinion. I personally can’t pull this one off when I am in a rush.

3 Four Minute Morning Shower

I have become a big master of the four minute morning shower and you should too. Ad some shampoo on your crown and stand under the water so that it hits your scalp as you are lathering it. The bubbled will help to cleanse the rest of your hair. Put conditioner in as you are spreading body wash over your body. Then, rinse everything and you are all clean.

2 Wet Locks

Part those wet locks down the middle and put your hair in a low side bun. Wrap elastic around the base of it. If you have frizz, then use some frizz cream, which will smooth it out. This can air dry and it will look beautiful throughout the day. It is good for both straight and curly hair.

1 Postsex Hair

If you have postsex hair the next morning, then you can apply some dry shampoo to help the residue disappear. By residue, I mean sweat. You could put it in a sexy bun or ponytail that sits at your neck. Tame it with a brush and some frizz control and you will be ready for the day.

Those are 7 tips on looking hot in a rush. Surely, some of you may already be using these tips. I am actually interested in hearing any tips that you use when you are in a rush. So, what do you do in a rush?

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