10 Tricks to Look Younger Instantly ...


10 Tricks to Look Younger Instantly ...
10 Tricks to Look Younger Instantly ...

As teenagers, we are obsessed with trying to look older, however there comes a time when things change, and the only thing we can think about is looking young again. If you want to turn back the clock, here are 10 tricks to look younger instantly.

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Cosmetic Surgery

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Botox can instantly reduce lines and wrinkles that age your face. Most cosmetic surgeons offer Botox treatments at very reasonable prices.


Drink More Water

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When you are trying to look younger you want to drink lots of water. The water will help clear your complexion and give your face that youthful glow you are longing for.


Develop a Skin Care Routine

Develop a Skin Care Routine Photo Credit:blog.timesunion.com

The older you are, the more important it is to make sure that you are diligent about using face creams and lotions. The better you are about these rituals, the smoother and younger your skin will appear.


Get a Hair Cut

Get a Hair Cut Photo Credit: hairstylelounge.sheknows.com

You can easily shave years off of your appearance with a flattering haircut. The next time you are at the salon, ask your stylist to modernize your current style and to also make sure that it frames your face in a complimentary manner.


Dress Appropriately

Dress Appropriately Photo Credit: makeitin.fiji

No one looks older than a woman who is trying to dress like a teenager. It just doesn’t work. Instead of wearing barely there tank tops and hip hugging jeans, you need to make sure you are dressing in styles that compliment your age. The better the quality of the clothing is the more it will compliment your body type.


Wear the Right Colors

Wear the Right Colors Photo Credit: NASCAR Girl

Get a color analysis so you can choose clothing that compliments your complexion. When you wear clothing that is the wrong hue, it can give you a washed out look, making you look older.


Laugh More Often

Laugh More Often Photo Credit: lucky beggar

Take time to laugh! Sure, laughing might accent the crow’s feet and little spider webbing lines alongside your mouth, but it will also give the impression that you enjoy life, and that creates the illusion of youth.


Go Light on the Makeup

Photo Credit: ladiestreat.com

It is so easy to get to heavy handed with make-up when you are trying to hide your age. Most of the time when it comes to make up, less is more. Every five or six years you should visit the makeup counter at the drugstore and have one of the consultants give you new ideas about what you can do with makeup that will make you look several years younger.


Eat a Balanced Diet

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The more balanced your diet it is, the better you are going to look. Instead of eating fast food, you should grab a package of pre-cut vegetables when you are looking for something to snack on.


Get Some Exercise

Get Some Exercise Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

As you get older, your metabolism will start to slow down. This means if you want to maintain a toned, healthy looking body, you are going to have to spend a considerable amount of time working out.

You can look young and beautiful no matter how old you are by using these 10 tricks to look younger instantly. What do you do to make yourself look younger?

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Water is my secret to younger looking skin, I am 44, but get told regularly I look in my early thirties, when people find out my real age they nearly fall over, which is a huge compliment.

i lyk all d tips provided by u.

INTERESTING, I'm 20 years old & everybody thinks I have at least 14 years, hahahaha, the worst of all is that I'm pretty tall, so is kinda bizarre.....

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