10 Techniques for a Youthful Look ...

There are days, I think, where any woman can start feeling sort of blah about the way she looks. I'm only twenty...mumblemumble, and some days I wake up looking and feeling like I have no energy whatsoever. It's amazing what you can do for a more youthful appearance, though, and these are techniques you can use no matter what your age. Maybe some of these 10 techniques for a youthful look will work for you!

1. Matte Matters

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Matte does matter, and it might be a good idea to stay away from it. When it comes to foundations, it's better to stick to a loose powder, and use a makeup brush to apply it. Matte powders provide a flat, dry finish on your face, and that can make anyone look older because it actually emphasizes imperfections, whether it's a blemish, a line, or a wrinkle.

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