10 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know ...


10 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know ...
10 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know ...

When I started putting on makeup, I was a teenager and I must say that even though I thought I knew what I was doing, I didn't! I know, there is nothing worse than getting advice from older people, so when the older ones in my life told me how to do it, I don’t think I took it to heart. However, the truth is that some advice really is worth taking! I always tried to take my mom’s advice. We have read thousands ofbeauty tips and tried thousands of products and only a couple of them are worth having. Here are 10 beauty secrets every teen should know…

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Skip the Foundation

Skip the Foundation Photo Credit: JennKstep

If you have acne, then it is important that you skip the foundation. Foundation is for older women, not for teenagers. It is going to cover up your natural beauty. Foundation on a teenager is far from natural. If you have blemishes, then try covering them up with some concealer and follow this step with some tinted moisturizer or some powder.


You Can Never Go Wrong with Layers for Your Hair

You Can Never Go Wrong with Layers for Your Hair Photo Credit: Catnip Intoxicating

Long layers are great for all hair types. It does not matter if you have straight, wavy or super curly hair. It will make thin hair look thicker, wavy hair look like you just got back from the beach sexy and curly hair look more manageable. For a little added advice, make sure you do not put too many layers in there. Also, super short layers are out dated.


Are You Dealing with Acne?

Are You Dealing with Acne? Photo Credit: epidenver

Go to a dermatologist. What is the biggest mistake people someone with acnecould make? Not getting professional help. Forget about those expensive jeans you want, getting rid of the pimples will be the best investment you could ever make. The only guaranteed way to get rid of them would be to see a dermatologist.


Try It before You Buy It

Try It before You Buy It Photo Credit: ♥ honeybee photography ♥

Okay, so you've decided that you would buy foundation and maybesome lipstick to go along with it. Test it first. There are some products you have to test out before you buy them. This includes foundation, blush, lipstick and powder. You can get away without testing eyeliner, eye shadows and lip gloss.


When Should You Skip the Sunscreen?

When Should You Skip the Sunscreen? Photo Credit: Stella Brazil

Never! The first beauty product you should put on every day is sunscreen, even if it is cloudy outside. Why? Because starting good habits while you are young will make sure you have gorgeous skin when you are older. Remember, the sun’s rays can come through the clouds and car windows.


Wrapping Your Hair around the Barrel Will Create Waves

Wrapping Your Hair around the Barrel Will Create Waves Photo Credit: ~*erin*~

There is nothing cooler than those long, layered waves. In order to get them, wrap the hair around the barrel of a big curling iron. Reverse direction for every two inch section. This means you need to wind up for one and down for the other.


Self Tanner is Always Going to Smell

Self Tanner is Always Going to Smell Photo Credit: JamesDPhotography

Yes, I know and even the best ones smell. It would be a good idea to applyself-tanner about twenty four hours before any major event and take a shower (don’t use old Mr. Loofah) so that you wash the smell off. For those big events, like a wedding or prom, try using a professional spray tan. These cost a bit and they do not last as long, so make sure it is a day before the event.


Don’t Ignore Those Nails!

Don’t Ignore Those Nails! Photo Credit: tibchris

You’re not into pedicures and manicures? Oh, that's not an issue. Just make sure you keep them clean and keep them the same length. If you paint them, don’t keep the polish on until it is chipped away. People have a tendency to judge people by the care they have put into their feet and hands, so it is important to have clean, pretty nails!


Should I Line the inside of My Eyes?

Should I Line the inside of My Eyes? Photo Credit: pictureperfectyou

No, really, you shouldn’t. When you line the inside of your eyes, you are going to make your eyes look smaller than they really are. Instead, use an eyelinerand line it just at the lash line. An obvious line will not look natural, so you should smudge that line a tad bit.


Dealing with Oily Hair?

Dealing with Oily Hair? Photo Credit: Leonie²

Do you haveoily hair? Then get some dry shampoo. If you have blonde hair, sprinkling baby powder on the roots will help soak the extra oil up. If you have brown hair, then you may want to use the dry shampoo.

These are 10 tips that every teenager must know, so share this post with your friends! Remember, beauty is mostly internal. Remember to be yourself andbe confident. Even if you are not wearing makeup and your nails have not been painted, you are going to look pretty with a smile. Trust me. So, what are your tips?

Top Photo Credit: honey 77

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good looking out brunetteebabe! ;D

It's so not true that foundation is 'only for older women and not younger ones'. Foundation is the basic, along side concealer, and it is for everyone who wears make up, if they wish to use foundation.

For the tip that says try before buy, Rite Aid has a Beauty Back Guarantee program where you can bring back any cosmetic (open or closed!) and get your money back if you have the receipt! It has helped me sooo much to find out which products and colors look best on my skin!

^^ LOL

Great tips, but I would say with the founation, what if you have an uneven skin tone? It would take forever and wouldnt look right with concealer in my opinion xx

so helpfull!!! but i am not really sure how wrapping your hair is a tip.. it's a complsuive habbit for some people

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