7 Ways to Perfect Your Makeup Skills ...


7 Ways to Perfect Your Makeup Skills ...
7 Ways to Perfect Your Makeup Skills ...

I didn’t really start wearing makeup until I was in my 30s, as I wasn’t very sure how to apply it. By trial and error I worked out a basic look that complements my features, and now I’m discovering what fun cosmetics can be. So what do you do if you want to learn more about makeup? Here are some tips that can help you perfect your skills and make the most of yourself!

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Have a Lesson

Have a Lesson Photo Credit: Lectia de Stil

When I say have a lesson, I am not referring to a makeover at a cosmetic counter. Instead, invest in a lesson with a professional makeup artist. This won’t come cheap, but you will learn techniques and tips that will save you a fortune in wasted purchases.


Buy a Kit

Buy a Kit eyeslipsface.com
Buy a kit like this one from e.l.f, which costs a mere $45, and you will have a huge amount of colours with which to experiment. In the privacy of your own home, you can try out different looks, see which shades suit you and which to avoid, and practice your application.


Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial Photo Credit: ઇ‍ઉ Xuli ઇ‍ઉ

Once again, the Internet comes to the rescue! There are a vast number of makeup tutorials on Youtube. So if you want to emulate the look of a specific star, or simply learn some techniques, you are sure to find what you want. Many cosmetic companies also have tutorials on their websites.


Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes Photo Credit: NicoDeLyon

A good set of brushes is essential for correct application of makeup. I’ve tried cheap brushes and expensive brushes, and I can really tell the difference. The cheap brushes shed hairs easily – how can you apply your makeup well with those? Trust me, you don’t want hairs getting stuck to your lips!



Books Photo Credit: Nikita Kashner

If you want something that you can follow at your leisure, and videos go too fast for you, get yourself a book. Make sure that it will stay open, so that you don’t need to hold the book and your hands are free. A spiral-bound book would be ideal.



Friends Photo Credit: lime crime

Get together a few friends, and try practising on each other. Obviously this is not quite the same as making yourself up, but if your friends are more confident with makeup than you are, you can pick up some tips from them. You may also find it easier to try out techniques on someone else than on yourself.



Websites Photo Credit: Juan Manuel B

In my younger days, we were totally unaware of the invention that lay ahead … the Internet! You can find out how to do just about anything on the Web, and as well as video tutorials there is a wealth of other information on how to apply makeup. Look for sites by makeup artists, cosmetics brands, blogs on applying makeup … there is so much out there!

So, if you would love to have fun with makeup but have little idea about what to do, I hope that these tips will prove useful. Even if your makeup skills are good, there may be one thing that you’ve never quite mastered, or a new product that you’d like to learn how to use. It’s all out there, so have a go and above all – have fun!

Top Photo Credit: Checkered and aMUSEd

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I've never heard of a makeup application book. Cool

I believe that when you get older you get wiser and better with practice. Remember when you first started using makeup, I know mine wasn't great but as years have gone by I'm getting better.

I just cant makeup as I am too lazy to wash my face to remove it before bedtime.

thank you for this article. i never heard of e.l.f. before and made a massive order and their products are so cheap and AMAZING...wish i came across this before as i have wasted so much money :(( thanks again

i went to Vegas when I was 12. At Caesar's Palace's Estee Lauder store, they had a professional makeup artist giving makeovers and lessons. A real makeup artist. Not just somebody at the counter. He taught me everything as he was doing i. when I went back to school, everyone commented on how beautiful I looked, but nobody could pin down the exact difference. It was completely subtle. i earned so much from him.

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