12 Best Tips on Treating Acne ...


12 Best Tips on Treating Acne ...
12 Best Tips on Treating Acne ...

I know that many individuals, especially teenagers are dealing with acne and that is why I decided to tell you about acne treatment. As I write this blog, I have the readers best interest at mind and would like to give some of the best tips for treating acne.

These are not JUST tips, they are tips that my friends and I have tried. I believe they really work. I will start by telling you that you are not going to believe what ordinary, everyday things can do. WIthout further ado, let's go straight to the best acne treatment…

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Take some toothpaste, make sure it is not the gel type and put a little bit on your acne. You will find that it effectively dries out your pimple. You can also get the same effect by holding a tea bag on the pimple or holding a cotton ball drenched in lemon juice on it. I like how these everyday normal household things can be used to combat pimples!


Home-made Solution

A solution of camphor lotion, tomato juice and honey is something my friend tried. She got amazing results out of it. You need to leave the solution on your face for around fifteen minutes. After this, make sure you wash it off with luke warm water, then follow it with a cold water rinse. This is going to help control that acne. I really like this solution, because it worked amazingly well on my friend!



In order to prevent pimples, putting limejuice mixed in with an equal amount of groundnut oil is a great idea. I have also found that water, camphor lotion and borax powder mixed together makes a great acne controller!



Turmeric is another great idea that will help get rid of your acne. This is because it has curative properties in it. You could mix it with sugarcane juice, which is what I used to do. I have seen some mix it with whole-wheat flour.



Garlic has many curative qualities and this is why I recommend you using it to treat your acne. I recommend you cleansing your skin with a mixture of three parts water and garlic juice. Follow this with placing raw garlic on your pimples. This will not only cure your acne, but it is also going to get rid of blemishes that have been caused by it. I really like this solution as many of my friends have used it to clear up their blemishes.


Home-made Limejuice Mixture

A mixture of glycerine, boiled milk and limejuice is something that will help tell your acne goodbye. I believe this is one of the best tips for treating acne as it has been proven effective by many of my friends.



Another form of acne treatment is oatmeal. Oatmeal is not only good to eat, but you can make it into a facial mask and apply it to your face. The oatmeal will take the impurities out of your skin and absorb the extra oil. All you have to do is spread it over your face. You will find that this is one of the best tips for treating acne as it is cheap and easy to do.



Drinking a lot of water is a great form of acne treatment. I have included this on the list as many have said it’s one of the best tips for treating acne.


Apple Cider Vinegar

This type of vinegar will help balance out the pH level of your skin as it kills the bacteria and absorbs the extra oil. Mix it in with eight parts water in one part vinegar. You can use a cotton ball to apply it to those problematic areas. If you do not have sensitive skin, then you can make it stronger. Let the solution sit on your skin for ten minutes.



If you do not like vinegar and it does not work well with you, then lemon juice is a great form of acne treatment. It contains citric acid, so it exfoliates your face and helps to dry up those acne spots.


Tea Tree Oil

Another one of my best tips for treating acne includes Tea Tree Oil. You can purchase Tea Tree Oil in most grocery stores and supermarkets. Apply it directly to those problematic areas. I have also seen friends mix it with jojoba oil and apply it to their entire face.


Aloe Vera

This is a common household plant and can be applied to burns. It is also effective at treating acne naturally. It is also known for removing those acne scars and spots. I must also add that it is easy to grow.

There you have 12 of the best tips for treating acne. This form of acne treatment that I have listed can naturally be found in your household and that is why they are popular.

I personally use many of these on my skin and have not had any side effects. Do you know of any other form of acne treatment that we could use?

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I second the lemon juice! It's also a great way to lighten up acne scars. A common method is baking soda and water, but I find that too grainy for my taste. A aspirin mask with toner and honey is a great way to rid the face of zits and make it baby smooth! A non-natural remedy is to use Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask. Dirt cheap for a tube and amazing results! Clarifying soups (I'm drinking bittermelon soup ATM) cleared up my skin for some reason! Hope these tips help, I'll try to think of some more!

hi, could anybody help me on reducing redness of the acne?

Thanks for those points Melanie.. I will surly try some of them, as they are extreamly natural. And thanks to you too Amy. I will try to use toothpaste and lemon juice, and see how it works. I take very good care of my face. I tried many products but some times to no veil. I wash my face twice a day, scrub and musk it three times a week. But those pimples seem to come out agian! :S

hi there People's with acne iv got a really good advise and iam promising it will really help you. I had sooo much acne on my face , was so tired of it and really no cream or doc helped me to clear them i spended more than 5thousand dollars. one day i was on google was seaching for a face wash n i found benzac ac wash, wich really did helped me to dry out the acne's and plus i started drinking Green tea 4-5 times a day, i know it seems much more but really does helps with acne , drink hot water instnd of cold water and those thing did it for me .... after using ur green tea bags , take out the leave and put some egg white in it and use it as a masks once a day till your skin is acne free... Bio zinc thats a supplement u can also take, its herbal with no harmful side side effects. so those three things really worked for me and hope it does for you. tc

If you use lemon juice on acne marks/spots, how long does it take until they noticibly lighten?

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