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I don't know about you, guys, but my #1 beauty concern these days is how to get my skin into a perfect shape before summer! So the past few weeks I've been trying different body lotions to see which one would work best on my skin.

When shopping for the body lotions, I had 3 major problems in mind:

• Restoring the suppleness of my skin, especially in the thigh/butt area
Deep hydration for drier areas at the ankles
• Getting a silky smooth texture and beautiful even skin tone all over

So, among all the body lotions I've decided to try (Clarins Body Lotion, Dior Hydraction Body Sorbet Emulsion, Biotherm Celluli Laser Treatment to name a few), the most effective one turned out to be the new Caviar Deluxe Skin Lightening & Firming Body Lotion by Porselene!
I've been dying to try a moisturizer with Caviar Extract in the past, but most of the brands reserved it for facial skin care only, as it's one of the most precious anti-aging ingredients out there.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Porselene has come up with a new caviar product for the whole body - The Caviar Deluxe Skin Lightening & Firming Body Lotion!

My beautician told me so much about Caviar Extract, I was hopping with joy when I finally ordered this product online!
You see, the thing is that Caviar Extract, like nothing else, contains it all: proteins, vitamins, minerals, phospholipids and nucleic acids which, as a complex, effectively slows down the aging process in our skin cells. And as the cell format of caviar is very similar to the cell format of human skin, all these precious ingredients can easily penetrate our skin and restore it from within!

As for this miracle lotion from Porselene, it's such a skin care must-have! It** goes on unbelievably smoothly** and hydrates**** my skin beautifully.

And the best part is that I don't have to sit around waiting for it to settle, as this emulsion absorbs at once and gives my skin the firmness it's so needed! My skin afterwards looks so** luminous**, I don't even need to apply bronzer any more!

"Yay" for the Caviar Extract and for Porselene! :))

BTW, if you too are after perfect skin and want to try this Caviar lotion, don't let the luxurious packaging of this Caviar Deluxe Skin Lightening & Firming Body Lotion mislead you! The price for this product is so good that at first I thought they forgot to put a zero at the end (it's only $48 for 6 Oz).

Not bad for a fabulous body lotion with precious Caviar Extract, huh?

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I love the Made from Earth Lavender "Calm" lotion. The lavender is real and the scent is nice. Many so-called "lavender" lotions have no actual lavender in them! Read your labels. This one is good and it really does get rid of dryness, & you don't have to keep reapllying it all day. Once is enough for the day, and you want the scent to keep...as a natural product.

i agree with paul im such a huge fan of the lavender calm!

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