10 Signs It's a Good Beautician ...


10 Signs It's a Good Beautician ...
10 Signs It's a Good Beautician ...

Every woman at some point in her life has had to switch beauticians, maybe because of a move, a lousy haircut, a bad eyebrow pluck. So we all know how hard it is to find that perfect match. Here are some signs that will let you know that you've found the right one!

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You're Comfortable

You're Comfortable Photo Credit: themexican

It doesn't matter where the salon is or what it looks like, you have to be comfortable once you're inside. If you can't talk to the person that's supposed to be making you more beautiful then they aren't the person you should be going to. Comfort and communication are important for any successful relationship, including the one you have with your beautician.


They Understand

They Understand Photo Credit: Todd Keith

Sometimes you know exactly what you want but you just CAN'T put it into words. This is where the understanding comes in. If the person that's fixing you all up can't understand your wild hand gestures and barely-there descriptions then you're going to have a problem. You don't want to end up having to cope with a bad haircut.


Their Workspace is Clean

Their Workspace is Clean Photo Credit: lisa scheer

A workspace tells a whole lot about a person. If they're messy and unorganized, so is their workspace. So next time you're sitting in the chair, take a look around. If it's clean, you're in pretty good hands, and your beautician will care for you just as well as they care for the place where they work!


Clean Personal Appearance

Clean Personal Appearance Photo Credit: eliteglobalbusiness

It's a pretty well-known fact that no one wants to be made over by a slob. So next time you're going in for a trim or for eyebrow threading or a makeup consultation be sure to look at the person that's looming over you. If they care about how they look, then they'll care about how you look.


They Make Suggestions:

They Make Suggestions: Photo Credit: Miss Peach

A good beautician will ALWAYS make suggestions to you! They won't come off snotty and tell you how to do something before you ask, but they'll tell you what looks good. "Use this eyeshadow to make your eyes pop, try layering your hair like this" and things of that nature.


They Don't Rush

They Don't Rush Photo Credit: jek in the box

If you make an appointment, your beautician shouldn't be rushing you to get out the door. They should have time management skills and you should never feel like you don't have time to get exactly what you want.


They're Knowledgeable

They're Knowledgeable Photo Credit: Rai Robledo

You should feel like you can ask questions and not get a fumbling answer when you go into your salon of choice. It's like when you go to a restaurant — you don't want to be served by someone that doesn't know the menu. Ditto when you hire a personal trainer and he doesn't seem to know his job.


They're Respectful

They're Respectful Photo Credit: wip-hairport

Respect may be earned but your hairdressers and beauticians should respect you and your decisions. If you decide you want your hair one way and your hairdresserdisagrees, it's still his or her job to give you what you want. Just be ready to face the horror if your hairdresser was right!


They Give Advice on Products

They Give Advice on Products Photo Credit: gloss_addict

This plays into them being knowledgeable, but goes a little beyond. Your beautician should not only be knowledgeable, they should also be able to give you advice on how to use a product that is specific to you. Not everyone uses the same hair spray and eyeliner. Your beautician should know you and know whatproducts are the best for you.


They're Trustworthy

They're Trustworthy Photo Credit: keller.international

Trust and comfort are different yet very similar. You should feel comfortable letting someone fix your hair ormakeup, you should trust your beautician that in the end it will be what you want and that you'll love it.

Well ladies, I've said just about all I can say to help you find out of your beautician is the one you should stick with. Would you like to add anything? Any horror stories you need to share to warn people off? Let me know!

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I once went into a salon that I'd been going to for a while, my usual stylist had actually switched to a different location, but the salon didn't tell me. The woman I got stuck with was terrible! She had nice hair, it suited her, but she cut my hair all wrong. I wanted my bangs cut to come past my eyebrows, but she cut them 2 inches higher just because it was "so cute!" The next time I went to get my hair cut, it was at a completely different salon.

This post is Shear genius :)

These are amazing tips!! My hairdresser quit & didn't tell me where she moved to, so I had to go searching for a new one. I lucked out & found a new one who had every one of these tips down!

Great list of signs! The clean workspace one reminded me of those dirty salons on the show, Tabitha's Salon Takeover! xo, mel

Myyy goood post!! I loves seeing points which my beautician have! ;)

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