15 Signs Your Diet is Working ...


15 Signs Your Diet is Working ...
15 Signs Your Diet is Working ...

Are you on a diet and still wondering if it's doing any good? Read these signs below and see if this diet you are trying is really working!

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You Feel Healthy ...

If you’ve stopped feeling sluggish, there’s a good chance your body has started to adjust to your new healthy eating. If you haven’t, try taking a multivitamin, and checking that you aren’t cutting out any of the main nutrients or food groups.


You do Not Get Food Cravings ...

Cravings often mean that your body is missing something, so when these disappear, you are on the right track!


You Are in a Good Mood ...

Being in a naturally good mood means that your hormones are in line, which is hard to do! If you’re feeling grouchy, check that your diet isn’t too strict, and that you aren’t wearing yourself down.


You Are Starting to Lose Weight ...

Are you starting to lose some pounds? This is the best, and most obvious, sign that your diet is going to plan.


Friends and Family Are Making Complements ...

One of the ways I know I’m looking good is when my family and friends start to notice my efforts. This should be something you aim for, and treat yourself when you get there!

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You Feel Good about What You Are Eating ...

Are you happy with your diet? Most people are a little ashamed of what they eat behind closed doors, so if you are feeling proud, you can be confident you’re eating the best things.


You do Not Think about Food All the Time ...

One of my favorite mantra’s is that you should eat to live, not live to eat. If you are achieving this, reward yourself! It can be really difficult to change your thinking, and this is a sign that your healthy living is a permanent change.


You Are Not Desperate for the Next Meal ...

If you starving before the next meal, your diet is probably lacking in something, or you are simply eating far too little. This isn’t good, as your body will hang on to calories, so rethink your diet plan and see what you can change.


Feeling constantly famished can sabotage your weight loss efforts as you're more likely to succumb to snacking or overeating. Ensure you're incorporating a balance of macronutrients: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to stay satiated between meals. It's essential to listen to your body's hunger cues, but responding with nutritious choices helps maintain steady energy levels and boosts metabolism. Also, consider portion sizes and meal timing – small, regular meals can keep hunger at bay. Stay hydrated, too; sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger. If in doubt, consult with a nutritionist to tailor a diet that suits your body's needs.


You Easily Go to Sleep at Night ...

Getting to sleep can be difficult, especially if you are feeling bloated, so if you can nod off naturally, it’s a very good sign. If you are struggling, try taking a bath or reading a book, and if that doesn’t work, check that you are getting enough essential nutrients every day.


You Are Content with Yourself ...

Feeling content? This tends to happen around the end of a diet, when you are getting down to a good weight and are happy with your eating/exercise plan. This is brilliant, so make sure you appreciate it!


Your Body Seems to Get Lighter ...

Are you feeling lighter? No matter what the scales say, you’ll feel the lack of fat and it’s a brilliant feeling. This is something you can’t influence, so if you haven’t achieved it yet, don’t worry.


You Want to Drink More Water ...

Water is very healthy, and knowing that you are thirsty and not hungry is a breakthrough for most dieters. If you are craving water, however, try to up how much you are drinking through the day, as lack of water can cause water retention and bloating.


You Feel like Shopping for Something Pretty ...

One of the signs I’m at the end of the diet is a sudden interest in cute summer dresses or little shorts. You will be feeling happy and confident with your body, so now is a brilliant time to buy some new clothes that show it off!


You Are Telling All Your Friends about This Diet ...

If you are dying to share your secrets with your friends, you must be thinking that it has worked. Tell the world! Your deserve it.


Your Old Clothes Became a Bit Larger ...

When you can feel your clothes becoming looser, it’s time to buy a new wardrobe, and enjoy your new slimmer self!! Congratulations!

So now you’ve read the signs, print out this list and tick off each one as it happens to you. Then, when you’ve ticked them all, treat yourself to something brilliant and come and share your secrets with me!!!

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I wish those signs start to appear on me!!!!! Especially after Christmas!!! *Grrrrrrr*

I'm not so sure about the number 7, because I'm always craving for something sweet although I'm trying to eat sweets only 1 or 2 times in week.

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