8 Signs You Have an Overeating Problem ...


8 Signs You Have an Overeating Problem ...
8 Signs You Have an Overeating Problem ...

Do you have a problem with eating too much? Then you should get some help and stop feeling embarrassed about it. Taking the step to getting help is the second step to success. The first step would be to realize that you have an overeating problem. Below, I am going to give you 8 signs you have an overeating problem…

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You Eat Way Too Much for Dinner

You find yourself eating a whole pot of rice, three steaks, and you are still continuing. Unless you have starved for weeks, there is no reason to do this. This definitely is not a serving size and if you’re doing it every day, you may have a problem. Follow the rest of the problems to see if you have the signs.


You Eat at 3 Different Fast Food Joints Each Day

You Eat at 3 Different Fast Food Joints Each Day Photo Credit: kilux

You find yourself going to three or more fast food joints each day. This isn’t good. Some will say it’s not a sign of overeating and you’re right – it’s not a sign of overeating, but when it’s paired with the other signs on here, it is.


You Eat when You Are Bored

When you are bored, you eat. This isn’t a good idea. You should only eat when you are hungry. If you are not hungry, then busy your hands somewhere else.


You Have Food Stuffed in Your Desk

It’s not a good sign when you have food stuffed in your desk. You just have to reach down to eat. The best thing for you to do would be to get rid of that food in your desk.


Fear of Not Being Able to Stop Eating on Your Own

You fear that you will not be able to control your eating problem. You do not know what to do.


Feeling Tormented by Eating Habits

You are realizing that you have a problem and you are tormented by it. Those eating habits are really eating you up inside and you are afraid.


Hiding Food

Hiding Food Photo Credit: electricboo

You tell others that you are on a diet, but you hide food where no one else can find it. You find the weirdest places to hide them, too.


Overweight Because of Food

If you’re overweight and you do not have any health problems and you have been eating a lot, then it is caused by food. It is time to learn how to start eating healthy and kick that nasty habit you have. Food really IS not your best friend.

Those are 8 signs you have a problem overeating. If you find that you have a problem, then it would be a good idea to come up with a technique to help you out. Perhaps you need to speak with a healthcare professional. Do you have a problem overeating? It’s okay to admit it, I am not going to judge you.

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I have allll these signs! And i am completely aware that I do have a problem with food, but i feel so helpless and weak and don't know how to begin my battle :(

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