8 Signs It's Time to Move Your Bed ...


8 Signs It's Time to Move Your Bed ...
8 Signs It's Time to Move Your Bed ...

I’ve always found that rearranging furniture is the cheapest way to change things up around the house. Every time I move the furniture around I think that I’ve finally come up with the ultimate arrangement, but later end up coming with something better. Even the bedroom furniture isn’t safe from my desire to alter the scenery. Here are 8 signs it’s time to move your bed.

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The Urge for Change is Very Strong

The Urge for Change is Very Strong Photo Credit: Witty Girl

Haven’t you ever gotten the urge to make a major decorating change? I find that giving into these urges is often just what I need to feel better. Changing things up from time to time is almost therapeutic for me. Sometimes I wait for a day or two to see if the desire for changing up the positioning of my bed will pass, just to make sure that I’m not merely bored.


Seasons Have Changed

Seasons Have Changed Photo Credit: Johan_Leiden

I like to have my bed by the window during the warmer parts of the year, so I can open the window and feel the breeze blow in at night. However, during the colder months I prefer to have my bed as far from the drafty window as possible. Even after adding some weather stripping around the window’s edge, I can still feel the cold radiating off of the glass panes.


The Furniture Placement Seems Too Awkward

The Furniture Placement Seems Too Awkward Photo Credit: lizrary

There has been at least a couple of different times I can remember when my bedroom furniture just didn’t look right. The placement of a couple of pieces was off and seemed to make the entire room look like it was decorated in an awkward manner. Since my bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, I was usually able to solve the odd furniture arrangement by simply moving this single item.


There’s a New Addition to the Room

There’s a New Addition to the Room Photo Credit: dannie4852

I can recall when I got my new nightstand and placed it in the bedroom for the first time. Even though it was a fairly small piece of furniture, it seemed to crowd my side of the bed. I solved this dilemma by quickly moving the bed a bit. This was one instance where I didn’t actually have to rearrange the entire bedroom to make things work.


It’s Hard to Make the Bed

It’s Hard to Make the Bed Photo Credit: Villamariasardinia

Coming up with new ways to rearrange the bedroom furniture can be a challenge. Have you ever found a layout that seemed to work great, just up until it came time to make the bed? I’ve positioned my bed close to the wall on occasion, not realizing how frustrated I would later become as I desperately tried to change the sheets on the bed. Sometimes fashion and function have a conflict of interest.


The Room Seems Smaller

The Room Seems Smaller Photo Credit: ladlaneapartments

I don’t like feeling crowded when I walk into an area, especially the bedroom. I want to feel like I have a place to relax. It’s amazing at how different a space can feel when the bed is placed in various positions around the room. For example, placing the bed in the corner really opens up the room a lot. Not only does this visually make the room seem more spacious, but it also physically eliminates the need to walk around the bed itself.


Injuries Are a Regular Occurrence

Injuries Are a Regular Occurrence Photo Credit: cursor dust

This might not be a problem for everyone, especially if your bed consists of a soft mattress on the floor without a frame. I remember one bed I had as a teenager that always had to be placed lengthwise along the bedroom wall. This positioning of the bed was done for my personal safety. When I first got the bed, I placed the headboard against the wall and allowed the rest of the bed to stick out into the center of the room. Little did I know, the corner posts at the foot of the bed would end up creating some fantastic bruises on my thighs as I walked too close to the bed.


The View Has Gotten Boring

The View Has Gotten Boring Photo Credit: Norm Dimmell

Sometimes staring at the same wall or dresser for a long period of time can make you crave some change. Even turning the bed around and having it face a different wall, while staying in the same spot on the bedroom floor, can be all the change needed.

I don’t always give in to my desire to rearrange the furniture; otherwise I’d be moving it around all the time. Have you recently noticed any of these 8 signs it’s time to move your bed? Do you feel the urge to rearrange items on a regular basis?

Top Photo Credit: eklektick

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I always love rearranging my bedroom:) This blog came just in time; I was thinking about moving my bed again!

#1 is my reason to redo the home.

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