8 Signs You Need to See a Doctor about Your Period ...


8 Signs You Need to See a Doctor about Your Period ...
8 Signs You Need to See a Doctor about Your Period ...

Everyone has period, but how do you know what's normal? It's not something we tak to our friends about, and going to the doctors seems so embarrassing... I've always found it so confusing to decide whats normal about my period and what's not. So, here's my guide to the seven things that you need to get checked out before you see a doctor about your period...

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If you begin to menstrate irregularly, and used to be pretty regular, its worth getting this checked out. If you've never been regular, then don't worry about it!


If your periods are less then 21 days apart. This technically counts as having two periods in a month, and can indicate hormone difficulties.


If your cycle is longer then 35 days long, or suddenly gets longer or shorter.


If you experience very heavy bleeding that requires changing your pad or tampon more then once or twice an hour, you should get checked out. If you are a

naturally heavy bleeder anyway, your doctor may be able to suggest tablets that could help you.


If you get a sudden fever, hypotension or a skin rash while on your period, see a doctor as soon as possible, especially if you have been using tampons. These

are all classic symptoms of Toxic Shock Syndrome, which needs urgent medical attention.


If you suffer from severe pain or cramps. Until your appointment, try having a hot bath, using a hot water bottle and sipping hot drinks. Heat is wonderful!


If your periods suddenly stop, and you aren't pregnant. This can indicate problems that may affect fertility, so its well worth getting checked out.


You do not get your first period before 17. Our bodies are all different, and when one girl gets her first period at 9, another girl might get hers at 16. But if you do not get your first one by 17, you should see a doctor, just to make sure that everything's OK.

And remember, your doctor will have heard it all before, and most of the time can suggest medication or treatments that will make you feel much better.

So put on a brave face and get checked out, you'll be grateful you did!

Do you know of other signs one needs to see a doctor about period? Please let me know!

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I just have a question when i got my period this month there was no bleeding just black clots sorry tmi but just really worried and wanting to know if this is normal or should i see a dr or what thinks so much

Very interesting Post Kati!! :) When I was younger it used to be iregulat, thank God now it seems settled! :)

well i start menstruating when i was 8 years old and its normal that i have one menstruation in one month.Its just im healthy that's why i have early mensuration.

Great points

"If you’ve never been regular, then don’t worry about it!" I am sorry but in my opinion - you should be worry - that means your hormone levels are imbalanced. So it would be a good idea to ask your doctor for hormonal profile in your blood including your thyroid function.

Hi First Could Someone Please Answer This Question...! I dont know if i have thrust or not and im a scared to tell my mum and i dont know a cure what can i do and i cant go to the shops and stuff please help! :(

Hello! I have suffered period sickness for the first day of my period for years. It includes severe nausea, cold sweats, and fatigue. I am at the point where I can’t go to school nor work on the first day of my period because of it. Should I see a doctor for nausea reducers or no?

@nikki try drinking more fluids, if the clots continue, u might want to think about seeing a doctor

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