8 Signs That You Are a Drama Queen ...

Drama, Drama, Drama! Seems like it's everywhere we look these days! I'm sure everyone has either experienced or dealt with drama at one point in their life and many of you probably have at least one friend in your circle who is The Ultimate Drama Queen, am I right ladies? The question is, are YOU a drama queen? Drama can be a good thing, such as when it comes to acting out plays or telling a story. But life isn't a play or a story! Here are 8 signs that you are a drama queen!

1. Perceiving Danger when There is None

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Drama queens often tend to over-emphasize danger or the possibility of danger. If there's even the slightest chance that the weather may turn bad and cause a lightening storm you'd think that the white house had already been struck down by listening to the drama queen carry on! To a drama queen, everything is always bigger and worse than it really is. Everything is exaggerated and blown out of proportion.

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