8 Signs That You Are a Drama Queen ...


8 Signs That You Are a Drama Queen ...
8 Signs That You Are a Drama Queen ...

Drama, Drama, Drama! Seems like it's everywhere we look these days! I'm sure everyone has either experienced or dealt with drama at one point in their life and many of you probably have at least one friend in your circle who is The Ultimate Drama Queen, am I right ladies? The question is, are YOU a drama queen? Drama can be a good thing, such as when it comes to acting out plays or telling a story. But life isn't a play or a story! Here are 8 signs that you are a drama queen!

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Perceiving Danger when There is None

Perceiving Danger when There is None Photo Credit: Tattooed JJ (more off than on for a while)

Drama queens often tend to over-emphasize danger or the possibility of danger. If there's even the slightest chance that the weather may turn bad and cause a lightening storm you'd think that the white house had already been struck down by listening to the drama queen carry on! To a drama queen, everything is always bigger and worse than it really is. Everything is exaggerated and blown out of proportion.


Personalizing Things That Aren't Personal

Personalizing Things That Aren't Personal Photo Credit: Drummer Photo Experience

If you take every little thing that is done or said by your friends, family, co-workers or passersby on the street in a very personal way, you may be a drama queen! Although our closest loved ones can often be the ones who hurt us the most with words, it's up to us to decide how far the hurt goes by how long we dwell and think on the matter. And not every thing that is said is meant as a barb directly to you or at you. Drama queens tend to be very emotional about things that are said concerning them. And this can go to either end of the scale in extremes. Just because the cute doorman at the lobby of your apartment smiles and says hello to you every morning, it doesn't mean he's pondering a marriage proposal to you. And just because your brother said you're looking really in shape lately, it doesn't mean he thought you were obese before.


Attempting to Control Things You Can't

Attempting to Control Things You Can't Photo Credit: romperwomb

Do you feel like you should be in control over every detail of your life or anyone else's life that is in any way at all connected to you? Do you believe you should have sole rights to direct your next office meeting? Do you attempt to do any of these things? (Or other things that apply) You should take a look in the mirror and notice the rather large neon drama queen sign flashing across your forehead! This is a definite sign of drama queen-ism!!


Feeling Mistreated or Taken Advantage of by Others

Feeling Mistreated or Taken Advantage of by Others Photo Credit: KC WIlliams

This is a drama queen's number one biggest complaint. Dread or fear of being mistreated, or imagining that you are being used or taken of advantage of is a common trait most drama queens share. And while it does happen to the best of us sometimes, in a drama queen's point of view, it's the end of the world! Not quite so as it would seem however, it's just been blown out of proportion by your overly active imagination and overly sensitive attitude.


Being Easily Overwhelmed or Distraught

Being Easily Overwhelmed or Distraught Photo Credit: erirae

Distress usually sets in far too easily for drama lovers. If you find yourself constantly in tears or feeling overwhelmed by the slightest stimuli or by changes in your routine, congratulations! You just joined the drama queen club! It's understandable to be emotional or upset at times, that's normal especially for women, but if it happens every other day or even once or twice a week, look out! You're well on your way if you have't already arrived.


Taking on Too Much Responsibility for the Happiness of Others

Taking on Too Much Responsibility for the Happiness of Others Photo Credit: crustydolphin

Drama Queens often feel the need to be everybody's sunshine, everybody's quick fix and shoulder to cry on. Yet they counter-react to this by storing resentments for carrying that weight on their shoulders. It's a constant up-and-down cycle that never ends, leaving you feeling emotionally drained and left with nothing to give. If you find yourself dealing with these issues, it's most likely that you're a drama queen.


Feeling Constantly Caught off Guard

Feeling Constantly Caught off Guard Photo Credit: crustydolphin

As a drama queen, you feel like you are always on the receiving end of a boxer's left hook! Yet once you're removed from the situation to which you originally reacted to, you almost always feel foolish for having made such a big deal out of what turned out to be nothing. Sadly though, you can't seem to break the cycle. It's nearly habitual and quite expected of a drama queen. You may destroy loving relationships because of this drama queen trait. Needing constant comfort and soothing can tend to wear thin on the people who are expected to give it to you.


Being Totally Obsessed with Your Appearance

Being Totally Obsessed with Your Appearance Photo Credit: Extra Medium

Yes, looks are very important and should be maintained. But most drama queens go above and beyond and seem to be worried massively over the way they look, always taking perfect care with hair, nails and clothes. It can become so predominant that you find yourself unwilling to walk out to the mailbox in your sweats and a ponytail for fear that you might be seen as anything less than perfectly beautiful. This is a true drama queen sign.

While it is seemingly fun to have a drama queen around to liven up the party and add some interest to situations, in the long run, being dramatic about things can eventually take a toll on the person whose doing it and those who are subject to be around it. People may tread on glass around you from fear the wrong thing will set you off. And you will feel emotionally challenged in every way and drained by the end of a long, hard day when you were in drama overdrive! Try to slow down and enjoy life, don't overdramatize it!

Top Photo Credit: jaebn

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Gosh I take things personal all the time, wow. I'm a drama queen ;)(

#6 is true for me....so I am a certified and petrified Drama Queen.

I am a drama queen. omg

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