11 Tips to Help You Sleep Better ...

By Mabelle

11 Tips to Help You Sleep Better ...

I've been sort of a night owl myself. Whenever I go to bed early, I'm always having a hard time dozing off. I've followed all the typical tips on how to get a good night's slee****p – like adjusting the room temperature or the lighting – I've even tried aromatic candles to help me relax, but still nothing!

If you're anything like me, check out these natural remedies that will help you doze off to blissful somnolence …zzzzzzzzzzzzz…

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Avoid caffeine after lunchtime. I know it doesn't effect some people, but I am definitely not one of them. It gets and keeps me hyper even if I drink it 4 hours prior to bed So, it's better to save those lattes and cappuccinos for the morning...


Try to go to bedand wake up at the same time everyday to 'regulate' your sleeping hours. Your body will get used to this schedule faster than you think. It might take a week maximum. But then, you'll be sleepy at the same time and you'll be waking up without an alarm at the same time in the morning. Isn't that beautiful?

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If you're into alternative medicine, melatonin or Valerian root are good cures for the sleepless. Valerian has a great calming qualities, so if you feel a bit too wound up, you could try it as well. But please, keep it away from your cat, it'll make him go crazy for a while, seriously. And than you won't get any sleep at all!


Try to ease the stress in your life. I know it can't be that easy. But at least try not to think about your problems before bed time. If I start analyzing things or planning tomorrow when lying in bed, I know falling asleep will not be happening for me any time soon. So the least we can do is pretend the problems are not there until morning.


Drink some warm milk before bedtime. It may sound like an old-wive's tale, but it does help because of serotonin. My grandma used to make me drink it when I was a kid and refused to go to bed - it worked like a charm. I am pretty sure it works on adults too :)


If you're lactose intolerant, have some herbal tea instead. Try chamomile, lemon balm or passionflower. My personal favorite is chamomile. At first it tastes funny, but then you get used to it. I got my chamomile tea at Starbucks. It's caled Calm. Try it before buying, though, to see if you like the taste.


Go for a walk before bed time. The oxygen your lungs will get will make you sleepy. It's kind of hard in winter time, but if you live in Florida or California, you could do this all year around!


Do not watch TV shows or movies that can get you all excited before the bed time. I had the worst time falling asleep after I watched Slum Dog Millionaire the other night... I think I was able to fall asleep only at 4 in the morning!!!


Get yourself a sleeping mask and put it on every night when you want to go to sleep. Brookstone Store has great ones for as little as $10 - they come in plush pink, beige and dark blue. You'll sleep like a baby once you cover your eyes with it.


Try to go to bed from 9 pm to 11 pm - this is the best time to fall asleep, once you are past 12 am, it will get harder. Once you feel like you want to go to bed (even if it's earlier than you are used to), you should listen to your body and go to bed and I promise you'll fall asleep sooner than usually.


Try to get ready for sleep before it hits you. I used to make this mistake a lot. I would hang around the house until 10 wearing my makeup and once I felt like sleeping I had to go and take the makeup off, take a shower, put on moisturizer ... And once I was done, my sleepiness was not there anymore.

And I'd have to stay awake past 12 am to catch another "wave" of sleepiness. So it's better to get ready for sleep earlier on, so that you don't have to do all those beauty routines when you actually could be having sweet dreams.

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Do you know other healthy ways to fall asleep faster and stay asleep the whole night? Please share them with me ...

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Watching tv and getting to sleep before it hits me is def my problem! I'm always watching tv and then I get into a show and I just dont want to turn it off. And sometimes I just dont want to fall asleep so I just keep the tv on and let my eyes close a few times and let it smack me in the face and say, "HEY I'M TIRED!!!"...lol!

make your mind tension free and sleep soundly.

whenevr i plan on going to sleep earlier i always end up sleeping later because it takes me AGES to get to sleep. it usally takes me a hour before im actually asleep. i hate milk and i definatly have no stree in my life so im tried natural remides and damn did i sleep like a baby.

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