How to Have a Better Healthy Sleep ...


How to Have a Better Healthy Sleep ...
How to Have a Better Healthy Sleep ...

If you’re one of those bedroom warriors who has to battle it out every night just to catch a few zzz’s, then don’t fret. There are ways to achieve** healthy sleep **- some of which we'll be discussing! According to a Reader’s Digest article, one can follow several healthy sleep tips.

1. Preparing your Room

First off, you must prepare your bedroom and “condition” it as pure haven for sleep and nothing but. Your bedroom should be sufficiently dark and quiet at the same time.

2. It's all about repetition

You must be a creature of habit. Prepare your body in such a way that it gets to be mentally prepared for slumber. Having regular sleep times and a pre-sleep schedule is like a signal that you're giving your body and brain that you're ready to sleep now.

3. Leave your bed be

Another healthy sleep tip is to just use your bed for sleep and sex. Don’t work, pay those nagging bills and watch television while in bed. Those will just distract you and it may take you a longer time to fall asleep.

4. Watch how much you eat

Another thing for you to do in order to get better healthy sleep is to not go to bed hungry or way too full. Hence, do everything in your power to avoid that midnight snack! And yes, caffeine should also be taken in moderation. Remember, as women age, metabolism slows down.

Among the other healthy sleep tips are to take a warm bath roughly an hour or two before going to bed, to see if herbs may work for you (a cup of chamomile tea may work wonders and help you relax!) and to find the best bed for you.

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Great article. I"ve been telling myself to look up some tips but kept forgetting about it. Thanks.

Great tips! Sleep is so important to an overall health. I can attest to this, as a became very ill due to a lack of quality sleep.

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