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8 Signs You Are Addicted to Twilight ...

By Melanie

I am a pretty big Twilight fan and there is no denying this one. I liked Twilight way before the hype of the Twilight movie first came out. I had already read the book and enjoy writing about Twilight on numerous blogs.

8 Twilight is All You Think about

Twilight is All You Think aboutPhoto Credit: angelically

Do you think about Twilight a lot? Every time you turn around, do you find yourself thinking about Twilight? It’s almost as if you are living a Twilight life. Snap out of it and come back to the real world! I know, it’s hard to do.

7 You Won’t Read Any Other Book

You Won’t Read Any Other BookPhoto Credit: LJEC Photography

When you are addicted to Twilight, you don’t want to read any other book. You are so stuck on these little black books filled with words from Bella, Edward, Jacob, Charlie, Rosalie and so on.

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6 You Have “Edward” Written All over Your Folders

You Have “Edward” Written All over Your FoldersPhoto Credit: allonfire

When you had Edward's name written all over your folders in school, then you know that you probably have an addiction. I admit, Edward is a nice guy and there is nothing wrong with writing his name with little red, pink and purple hearts all over your folder. However, the chances of you dating a vampire are slim.

5 You Constantly Talk about It

You Constantly Talk about ItPhoto Credit: blondeinfrance

No matter who you are with, whether it is your husband, your boyfriend, your mom, dad or girlfriend, you are constantly talking about Twilight. In fact, those friends who haven’t even read the book know the story, because you talk so much about it.

4 You Constantly Read about It

You Constantly Read about ItPhoto Credit: Suzana Motta

You hunt each and every little bit of Twilight gossip down that you can find. While I am at it, did you know that Breaking Dawn will probably be in 2 separate movies. Do you like this idea? In a way, I do. It means I will have more to look forward to.

3 You Dream about It

You Dream about ItPhoto Credit: loveamgirl

Every morning you wake up, you realize that you dreamed about Twilight. You dream about Twilight in different forms. Sometimes, you are a vampire, while other times you are a human.

2 You Wish Vegetarian Vampires Were Real

You Wish Vegetarian Vampires Were RealPhoto Credit: Sueellen

Yeah, if only vegetarian vampires were real, it would be a better place. At least, if the world had more guys that acted like Edward, we know the world would be a better place.

1 Edward, Jacob and Bella Have Taken over Your Room

Edward, Jacob and Bella Have Taken over Your RoomPhoto Credit: rhoftonphoto

When you walk into your room, all you see are Edward, Jacob, Bella and all of the other Twilight characters staring right back at you. You have everything from the Twilight posters to the Twilight dolls.

Those, my friends, are 8 signs you are addicted to Twilight. Mind you, I never once said that being addicted to Twilight is going to harm your health. If you want to stay addicted to Twilight, that is fully up to you. I, myself, enjoy Twilight. So, are you addicted? Why do you think you are addicted?

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