6 Signs You've Got a Celebrity Crush ...


6 Signs You've Got a Celebrity Crush ...
6 Signs You've Got a Celebrity Crush ...

Infatuation can strike anywhere, and who’d blame you for having a sneaky crush on some of the sexy men us women are surrounded by at the moment? From nearly naked underwear ads to sexy screensavers, there are men everywhere, so how do you know if you’ve got a celeb crush?

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Did You Know That...?

Did You Know That...? Photo Credit: lost_mitten

His favourite colour is red, he made a cameo appearance in a soap you love ten years ago, his mum's brother's wife’s daughter visited your village a few years ago...?

If you can link absolutely any conversation to him, chances are you like him just a little too much...


Friends? What Friends?

Friends? What Friends? Photo Credit: musicpb

So you can’t go out when his films are on, or he might show up at the Grammy’s, or it’s his birthday, and you can’t make plans for Valentines Day in case he turns up... If you find yourself ditching your friends for him, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee... you’ve got it bad!



Jealousy Photo Credit: Moments Captured In Time

So you’ve seen that video where he kisses someone else, and you won’t allow anyone to mention it. When he takes another girl to the Grammy’s, you block her out with your hand, and when he gets married, you sulk for weeks. Feeling jealous is a sure fire sign of a crush.


He’d do That so Much Better...

He’d do That so Much Better... Photo Credit: Ivan Makarov

When your friends do manage to prize you away from the TV, you criticize all other male celebrities, claiming he’d do it so much better. Sometimes, you don’t even know you are doing it... he’s just that amazing.



Crazy... Photo Credit: cattycamehome

You read his wiki, forums and blog daily, and stare at any girl who dares suggest she likes him too. You’ve sent him fan mail, googled pictures of him at work and thought of your kids names... you know it’s crazy, but you just can’t help it!


He’s in the Way...

He’s in the Way... Photo Credit: birds & trees

Once he starts affecting your life, and making it sad, rather than happy, you know it’s more than a crush. You should enjoy his acting, not hate him for not being with you! If it starts to interfere with everyday life, you’ve got it bad.

Celebrity crushes can be harmless, but they can also get out of hand, and be embarrassing to admit too. Make sure yours stays as a crush, and not infatuation! As long as you are in control, you can happily google his name all day... have you got a tip to know when you’ve got a crush, or have you got a crush to admit too? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: JolsAriella

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crazy for Jay SEAN>> Love him truly madly deeply.. and after reading this post m sure i've got this celeb crush!! :D

The problem is I have sort a of celebrity crush and I'm 26. I perfectly understand that I'm kinda old for that, and that is infantile of me. I also understand the reasons for it - I'm single, never had real relationships, some sort of dating only, but not much. And I'm social awkward in general.*Sighs*.

Leonardo di Caprio was one of my first!! Obsession is the word! :)

Love the post.....

Hahaha these are funny signs. Can't help it if some celebs are just oh-so-dreamy. Case in point: Johnny Depp. :D

My first was Orlando Bloom ^.^

two words. David Boreanaz. In case you don't know, he's the gorgeous, hilarious, absolutely AMAZING FBI agent on bones. Yeah. Sorry :)

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