10 Signs of Diabetes ...


10 Signs of Diabetes ...
10 Signs of Diabetes ...

Many of the signs of diabetes, whether it is Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, are very similar. It's a good idea to know the warning signs, either for yourself or someone you know. Being able to recognize them in advance will help prevent any complications down the road.

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Many Trips to the Bathroom

Many Trips to the Bathroom Excessive urination is caused by a large quantity of glucose in the blood stream. When there isn't enough insulin available or if the insulin is ineffective, the kidneys aren't able to filter the glucose back in the blood. Instead, the kidneys freak out and suck water from the body to try and dilute the excess glucose. This gathering of water then fills the bladder to the point that most of the day is spent in the bathroom.

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Constantly Thirsty

Constantly Thirsty Another of the signs of diabetes is the constant thirst that happens. It is also linked to the excess glucose and water drawing system going on in the kidneys. As water is drawn from the body, it needs to be replaced somehow. The body is continually asking for more water since it is busy sucking it all out and excreting it.

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Weight Loss without Dieting

Weight Loss without Dieting Weight loss tends to happen quickly with Type 1 diabetes and gradually with Type 2 diabetes. It is quicker in Type 1 because the pancreas doesn't make insulin. Since cells aren't getting the glucose they need, the body searches for an alternate energy source. The only thing left for the body to take energy from is the muscles and fat in the body, causing rapid weight loss.

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Fatigue and Overall Weakness

Fatigue and Overall Weakness When the glucose in the body is drawn from the food we eat, it is then supposed to be helped into the cells by insulin. If the insulin isn't working properly, then the cells get starved of their glucose. Starving cells equal a rundown and tired body.

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Numbness or Tingling

Numbness or Tingling These signs of diabetes often affect feet, hands, or legs. This happens because of nerve damage. The high glucose levels damage the nervous system, especially in the body's extremities. Nerve damage can often gradually appear, since people with Type 2 diabetes don't usually know they have it.

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Blurred Vision

Blurred Vision High blood sugar levels cause the retina's blood vessels to be damaged. When these vessels are weakened, fluid leaks and the eye swells causing vision to blur. If this begins to happen and it isn't caught by a doctor, it can easily lead to blindness.

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Itchy or Dry Skin

Itchy or Dry Skin Dry skin occurs because of the whole water issue that occurs within the body when diabetes is present. When the kidneys are busy pulling water from the body, the rest of the cells suffer. Water is being sucked from all cells and then quickly excreted, keeping even the skin from being able to retain any moisture.

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Slow Healing Time for Wounds

Slow Healing Time for Wounds High blood sugar causes wounds and bruises to heal much slower, since blood flow is slower from clogged arteries. These wounds can also have a delayed healing because of the nerve damage caused by the diabetes. When there is nerve damage in feet, the sensitivity is a lot less than usual. It is hard to notice that there is something poking you in the foot when you can't feel it. These can be one of the most obvious physical signs of diabetes.

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Yeast Infections

Yeast Infections Excessive sugar in the system can cause yeast to run rampant in the gastrointestinal tract. This build up of yeast can cause not only vaginal yeast infections, but also infections of the gums, skin, or bladder. Eating foods that have natural sugars, such as those found in fruits, will lower the yeast that accumulates in the body.

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Increased Appetite

Increased Appetite An increase in hunger is triggered by the lack of insulin, which causes the body to be low on energy. Whenever the body is lacking energy, it sends signals out requesting food. This is why many diabetics feel the need to eat, even after they have just finished a meal.

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Knowing these ten signs of diabetes can help to save your or someone else's life. Diabetes needs to be caught in its earliest stages, in order to keep complications from happening. Be sure to check on your blood sugar levels if you are showing any combination of the above signs. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? What were your early symptoms?

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seeing all these diabetes posts is making me nervous. is there a reason for them? I mean, that is a random question. You're just spreading the word! it's good though too I was seriously about to eat a piece of baklava (even though I'm not too crazy about it- just wanted something sweet)Thanks for the heads up - nutrition is important and I keep forgetting that bodies can turn on us whether due to lifestyle choices or genetics.

I don't want to think about these signs. I've already read to many articles about diabetes this week on your site, which are only remainding me that I could get it some day, because almost in my family has it :(((((

Thnaks alot for this informative post! I sure as hell learn alot rooming on your site guys! :) I didn't know the one about - Many trips to the bathroom is a sign for diabetes! I'm going to pass this around to whom I know. Certainly for who there's no problem this can be very informative and one can learn alot, just like I did! Again a big thanks Writers!

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