10 Signs You Are Becoming a Fashion Snob ...


10 Signs You Are Becoming a Fashion Snob ...
10 Signs You Are Becoming a Fashion Snob ...

It’s easy to become a fashion snob these days. Once you’ve saved up for those gorgeous-yet-horrifically-expensive heels, the ‘similar’ ones from Primark just don’t seem the same...Fashion snobbery can stop you from getting the latest bargains, though, and looking down on your friends non-Prada handbag probably won’t make you most popular. Are you a fashion snob? Here are some clues...

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Your Cat is Called Gucci

Your Cat is Called Gucci Photo Credit: Fernando Felix

If your catis called Gucci and your car is called Prada. Started to name things after your favourite designers? It’s just a little obsessive...and if you are bankrupting yourself buying gorgeous clothes for Gucciand letting her eat like a Princess, you are definitely obsessed.


Vogue is Your Life-Guide

Vogue is Your Life-Guide Photo Credit: oh1963wtsh

When your friends ask you out to that new bar, you have to see if bars or tea rooms are more fashionable, and you won’t buy anything that hasn’t graced Vogue's brilliant pages. If Vogue has become more life-guide then dribble-inducing-pleasure, you probably need to step back a little.


You’ve Insured Your Sunglasses

You’ve Insured Your Sunglasses Photo Credit: Amsterdamned!

You’ve added your designer sunglasses as a named valuable on your house and car insurances, and hardly ever wear them incase of breakage or scratches. And you are considering buying a cheaper pair to actually wear, and to keep the gorgeous yet stupidly expensive ones to look at....



Holidays Photo Credit: G.hostbuster (...away for a while...)

This year’s holidays are to Paris, and Milan. But not because you are well cultured and like to travel and enjoy amazing cities...just for the fashion weeks, which you’ve already memorized the schedule to.


You Donate Clothes to Charity

You Donate Clothes to Charity Photo Credit: look lovely

But not just clothes you don’t want anymore. All of last season’s clothing. And the charity shop is so used to this, that they send a man with a van to pick it all up on the day the new season starts!


You Hide Your Handbag Receipts

You Hide Your Handbag Receipts Photo Credit: eveldasneverland

Because you could never justify to anyone why you’ve spent more on a handbag than it would cost to go on an around-the-world flight. And you hardly ever use the handbag...


Your Feet Hate You

Your Feet Hate You Photo Credit: doug88888

You will have thosemust have shoes. Even if you have to buy them in your least favourite color, and three sizes too small....and then you wonder why your feet kill after you’ve worn them all night.


You Judge a Man by His Clothes

You Judge a Man by His Clothes Photo Credit: Dan Campbell

You don’t care if he’s eligible, kind, considerate and sexy, if he’s wearing Primark underwear and H&M jeans; he isn’t putting the right effort into meeting up with you. If you really like him, you might get him a designer T shirt as a present, and see if he ups his game...


You Won’t Wear High Street Clothes

You Won’t Wear High Street Clothes Photo Credit: thinkretail

You dislike shopping on the high street, and won’t consider wearing high street clothes. And if you have no other choice? You cut out the label, and pretend it’s by some unknownfashion designer...


Your Beach Attire

Your Beach Attire Photo Credit: Dyxie

Your bikinisare worth more then your entire bank balance, and your flip flopscost as much as your boyfriend's entire wardrobe. But looking good on the beach is a necessity...I mean, who knows who's watching?!

Whether you have mild or severe fashion snobbery, remember that the best technique is to mix and match high street and designers...Not only will yousave money, but you will also look completely unique. Have you noticed a symptom of fashion snobbery? Please share it with me!

Top Photo Credit: John of Dublin

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