10 Hottest Havaianas Flip Flops ...

Summer is almost here in all its warm glory and you know what that means! Beautiful sundresses, floppy hats, visits to the beach, mojitos and ... Havaianas flip flops, of course! Nothing screams comfort more than Havaianas women's sandals and no one does stylish yet comfy flip flops like this fabulous Brazilian brand. And here are my picks for the 10 Hottest Havaianas Flip Flops that are an absolute fashion must for the summer...

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Price: $22.00
My radar automatically detects anything purple and so here we are! These flip flops are basic but the orange gives it a lovely twist. With four other color choices, I'm sure you'll find one that you like. The white with the fuchsia straps are pretty cute too. Check it out!

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