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15 Most Beautiful Evening Shoes ...

By Melanie

I do not know about you, but I absolutely love shoes. It seems to be in every girls genes. Shoes are something that cannot be avoided, I have to have a pair for every outfit that I have! My closet is FULL of those suckers. But I keep browsing ... and here's the list of 15 best evening shoes that I've been recently dying for.

So, if you have a special evening coming, then you should definitely pay attention these 15 most beautiful evening shoes…

15 Jimmy Choo Jazz Leopard-print Pumps

Jimmy Choo Jazz Leopard-print PumpsPrice: $1,295 at
Sure, I know, the price tag is not that cheap, but these are some great shoes. They are bi-colored leopard print and when you wear these, you will be taking a walk on the wild side. I must say that they are pretty comfortable, which is why I listed them as one of the best evening shoes. I don’t really like the pointed toe on them, but hey, what can I say, they were given to me as a gift from my friend!

14 Givenchy Leather Crocodile-print Sandals

Givenchy Leather Crocodile-print SandalsPrice: $1,150 at
Would you like to stay one step ahead of the style? If so, then these Givenchy shoes will definitely serve you right! This will give you that tough girl glamour look that will definitely turn heads. The heal is approximately four inches high. The back has a zip-fastening, which gives the perfect hold. These are great multi-strap sandals!

13 Christian Louboutin Ronda Dina 140 Platform Pumps

Christian Louboutin Ronda Dina 140 Platform PumpsPrice: $1,025 at
With these shoes, you will have that lady look that you hold so dear. Put these shoes on with some leather pants and a slouchy tank and I guarantee you will turn heads! The heal is around 5.5 inches with a 1.5 inch platform.

12 Halston Cluny Cutout Boots

Halston Cluny Cutout BootsPrice: $995 at
The stiletto heal on these cutout boots measures 4.5 inches. These boots have cutout sides, a side zip, open back and a peep-toe. I do not think you will run across any other girl wearing these shoes this evening, if you do, then the both of you can discuss what good taste you have!

11 Camilla Skovgaard Leather Cutout Sandals

Camilla Skovgaard Leather Cutout SandalsPrice: $475 at
These are crocodile pattern leather cutout sandals that many are going wild over. The heels are approximately 5 inches with a 1 inch platform. I am sure you have something in your closet that will fit quite well with these shoes. They are great for those girls that have a big fashion sense.

10 Lanvin Bow-embellished Patent Sandals

Lanvin Bow-embellished Patent SandalsPrice: $1,095 at
The oversized bow on these evening shoes is perfect. When you slip these shoes on, you will transform into the glamour girl that you have always wanted to be. Each one of these shoes comes in a signature designer stamped box. They are definitely worth the price and I must say, they are very comfortable!

9 Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Strappy Sandals

Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Strappy SandalsPrice: $1,150 at
When you wear these shoes, you will be dazzling. This is a really great evening choice as they give you the perfect party style. The heels are 4.5 inches. Pair these up with a dress from your closet and you will be sure to shine all the way through the night.

8 Christian Louboutin Circus 120 Cutout Boots

Christian Louboutin Circus 120 Cutout BootsPrice: $1,295 at
These are black suede and nude lace ankle boots, which many girls are wearing for their evening. When I first saw these, they were definitely screaming for my wardrobe. To add a dose of shimmer to your night, wear these shoes. They have a 4.5 inch heel to them with a 1 inch concealed platform. They have a round toe, which is much better than a pointy toe. They fasten up in the back with a zipper. What do you think of them?

7 Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Ankle Boots

Thakoon Mirror Mosaic Ankle BootsPrice: $1,195 at
For that special evening, would you like to have that sensational runway look? If so, then these Thakoon shoes will definitely give you what you want. They have a 4.5 inch heel and will definitely get that party started!

6 Christian Louboutin Lynn 120 Backless Ankle Boots

Christian Louboutin Lynn 120 Backless Ankle BootsPrice: $965 at
When you go out to that special party, don’t you want to be wearing a pair of the best evening shoes? Then try Christian Loubouotin-Lynn 120 backless ankle boots! This is great for those girls that like boots, but also like sandals.

5 Jimmy Choo Karina Studded Leather Shoe-boots

Jimmy Choo Karina Studded Leather Shoe-bootsPrice: $1,095 at
These are black peek-a-boo leather studded shoe-boots, which will go perfect with your evening attire. For a matching ensemble, you could pair them off with a classic skirt and blouse combination. The heel o on these shoes measure 4.5 inches.

4 Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski-embellished Sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski-embellished SandalsPrice: $1,150 at
This fall, you should definitely go for these shoes! Yes, they may be a bit expensive, but they are very comfortable! They have a heel that measured 4.5 inches. The open toe is really cute. I liked the jagged edges to them as well as the zip-fastening on the back.

3 Christian Louboutin Very Jaws 140 Pumps

Christian Louboutin Very Jaws 140 PumpsPrice: $895 at
Looking for the best evening shoes? Then these will definitely fit in this evening. These are the perfect partners for that party dress in your closet. The heels measure 5 inches. These are great slip on shoes that I have held close to me ever since I got them. They have fit in with nearly every party I have attended. At every party, someone has questioned my shoes and where I got them.

2 Loeffler Randall Keira Snakeskin-print Sandals

Loeffler Randall Keira Snakeskin-print SandalsPrice: $850 at
Do you plan on attending a spectacular party in the near future? If so, then these are great shoes. Imagine strutting in the building with these snakeskin-print patent leather sandals! I know you will definitely turn heads as you wear these on your feet. They have a 4.5 inch heel and a peep toe. The cutout detailing on them is adorable as is the overlapping straps.

1 Tory Burch Mairin Cross-over Sandals

Tory Burch Mairin Cross-over SandalsPrice: $400 at
These are black satin cross-over sandals that has a heel that measures 4.5 inches. They have an open toe, zip in the back and cutout sides. These would be perfect with cropped pants during that evening party.

What did you think about these evening shoes? I can count four of these evening shoes that I would wear forever. They must be extremely comfortable and such a fit for any evening outing! Imagine the city lights shining down on them as you are having an all girls night out. Imagine just how many people look down at them in admiration at that cocktail party!

Have you tried any of these shoes? Which ones do you think make the best evening shoes?

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