15 Most Beautiful Evening Shoes ...

I do not know about you, but I absolutely love shoes. It seems to be in every girls genes. Shoes are something that cannot be avoided, I have to have a pair for every outfit that I have! My closet is FULL of those suckers. But I keep browsing ... and here's the list of 15 best evening shoes that I've been recently dying for.

So, if you have a special evening coming, then you should definitely pay attention these 15 most beautiful evening shoes…

15. Jimmy Choo Jazz Leopard-print Pumps

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Price: $1,295 at net-a-porter.com
Sure, I know, the price tag is not that cheap, but these are some great shoes. They are bi-colored leopard print and when you wear these, you will be taking a walk on the wild side. I must say that they are pretty comfortable, which is why I listed them as one of the best evening shoes. I don’t really like the pointed toe on them, but hey, what can I say, they were given to me as a gift from my friend!

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