10 Prettiest Wedding Shoes ...


10 Prettiest Wedding Shoes ...
10 Prettiest Wedding Shoes ...

What are wearing for your wedding day? Have you found the perfect dress? Your veil? Bought your jewelry? What about your shoes? This is critical if you want your dress to be perfect. It is best to know if you are wearing heels or flats. So here are a few of the prettiest shoes I have found, along with a couple of ideas for your groom and bridal party as well. Have fun looking!

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For the Groom

For the Groom Photo Credit: ♥siebe ©

You don’t have to choose the traditional black pair. Look at all the options! What about white? Brown? Multi-colored, such as black and brown? Shop around, and help him out! Most guys don’t t care about fashion, so be there while he is choosing his tux and shoes!


Gold and Diamonds

Gold and Diamonds Photo Credit: RedFeather Photography

Well, maybe not real diamonds and you may have to settle for crystals, or simple sparkles, but these shoes are nothing short of breathtaking! You will feel as though you are a real princess in shoes like these! What do you think?


What about Socks?

What about Socks? Photo Credit: lulu.photo

Maybe traditional shoes are a part of your dreams. How about throwing in some unexpected color with the grooms and groomsmen socks? A trend that has swept across the wedding scene belongs to the trendy socks! If your groom is up for it, try them out. You may really love them!


Red Shoes

Red Shoes Photo Credit: SamanthaNicole

You don’t have to be Dorothy longing for Kansas, but red shoes are hot right now. Many bridal magazines are showing red shoes for the bride. Is one of your colors red? If so, add a pop of color to you attire with red shoes.


Strappy Sandals

Strappy Sandals Photo Credit: Kirsten | https://www.kirstenalana.com

A popular choice for the bridal party is sandals. If your wedding is not going to be a formal affair, open toe, strappy sandals show off a great manicure beautifully! They don’t have to match exactly, which is great for the bridesmaids, especially if your friends don’t all live in the same town. They can buy their shoes from their favorite store.


Flower Girl Mary Jane’s

Flower Girl Mary Jane’s Photo Credit: K Kay

What could be sweeter than Mary Jane’s? Little girls are adorable in this style and they are perfect for a wedding choice. They are easy to find and are easy on the bank account. Another great thing to point out is the fact they can be worn after the wedding for any occasion that requires dressy shoes.


Something Blue

Something Blue Photo Credit: .@ndy.

Wear blue shoes and you’ll achieve the, “Something blue” part of your wedding attire. You can buy satin shoes and dye them blue at home. I did this for my best friends wedding, except her color was purple. It was easy to do and didn’t cost very much because I bought my shoes at Payless and the dye at Wal-Mart. This is an idea not only for the bride, but also for the bridesmaids.


Satin Heels

Satin Heels Photo Credit: ZedBee | Zoë Power

Simple elegance couldn’t be easier. Again, you can dye these at home if you want more than white. If you prefer, white satin is still acceptable. This is what I wore at my wedding. My daughter has chosen satin also, but in a sandal with crystal across the toe. Very pretty, and very elegant.


Matching Color, Different Style

Matching Color, Different Style Photo Credit: *Cinnamon

Here is a great way for your bridal party to help make their attire personal. Many brides today ask the brides maids to choose their own style, as long as it matches the colors. If you don not care about symmetry and your wedding is not a black tie affair, maybe you could let your party have their choice of style in shoes (and dress, too!)


Bare Feet with Feet Jewelry

Bare Feet with Feet Jewelry Photo Credit: redcleo

This is also a hot trend right now. You don’t have to be outside, or in a destination wedding to incorporate this trendy, or even a summer wedding for that matter! My daughters brother in law to be married in December and his bride wore feet jewelry with no shoes. What do you think? Would you go for it?

Did you like any of these ideas? Which ones were your favorites?

Top Photo Credit: sgoralnick

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Toms are great for weddings as well!

where is #2 from, i'm dying to own a pair?


I was in Playboy high heels sandals Black with silver stones

I have #2 in silver! I wore them to homecoming.

I love when brides where colored shoes...shows off their fun personality! :) Great list!

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