Royal Wedding Attire What Would You Wear?


Royal Wedding Attire What Would You Wear?
Royal Wedding Attire What Would You Wear?

With the big day only two days away, more and more details of the event are being released to the media, including the dress code issued on the invitation. So what should the 1,900 lucky guests be wearing?

It is one of the most-wanted letters of the year...a gold embossed invitation to the Royal Wedding. 1,900 guests received one in the last fortnight, a mix of celebrities, Foreign Royal families, dignitaries and of course the family and close friends of the lucky couple. Have you considered what you’d wear if you’d been invited? I certainly have! Here’s what the Royal couple requested people wear to their nuptials.

Active officers, with the permission of their commanding officer, can wear their military uniform to the event. There are different protocols for uniform wearing in different regiments, so the etiquette in each unit needs to be considered too. Of course, if rumours are true, Prince William will wed Kate wearing his RAF outfit, which means Prince Harry will wear his uniform, too.

For people not in the military, the invitation stated ‘Morning Dress or Lounge Suit’. Morning dress involves a man wearing a yellow waistcoat teamed with black or grey jacket and striped grey suit trousers. Men should also have a top hat, to be worn outside and carried inside, and matching gloves. Ties should be worn, and smart black lace-up shoes. Women are expected to wear a smart day outfit, either a dress or suit, both worn with a jacket. They also need to wear a hat, heels and a matching bag.

Lounge Suit means a business suit for the men, worn with a subtle shirt and tie. Ladies should again choose a smart day dress, with hats optional. I can’t wait to see what guests such as Victoria Beckham choose to wear...and of course, the Bride herself!

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I would wear a very classy dress that's not bright in color. Something simple but extremely beautiful

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