7 Birdcage Veils to Rock for Your Wedding ...

Though I wasn't part of the fabulous birdcage veil trend for my own **wedding, I love the classy, fun and sexy style they give a bride as she walks down the aisle on her big day. For some brides the veil completes their sassy look from head to toe and for others it gives them that retro, vintage feel they were hoping for. Check out these 7 birdcage veils** to find the one that will help you rock your favorite style on your wedding day!

7. Float like a Butterfly...

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She's a** sassy bride** with a short dress and a red crinolinethat matches her sexy red high heels. As she walks down the aisle she floats like the butterfly on her unique birdcage veil as well as the butterflyin her white and red rose bouquet! A bride who knows what she loves and isn't afraid to show it! What sassy details does your birdcage veil have?

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