7 Cultural Wedding Traditions for Any Bride and Groom ...

Every wedding has it's own spin on tradition and what is custom for a bride and groom to incorporate into their big day. There are many cultures that have traditions for respect of family, history, trust, and faith that are beautiful memories to pass down. Here are 7 cultural wedding traditions that can be borrowed from any bride and groom that may want to start a new one.

7. The Lasso of Love...

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El Lazoor Lasso is a cultural tradition celebrated during many Hispanic Catholic ceremonies. While the vows are read the lasso is first placed on the groom's shoulders and then twisted like a figure eight to wrap around the bride's shoulders. A long strand of rosary beads, a rope of flowers, or a satin cord can be used for the lassoto represent the unity of the new couple and their marriage bond. If you would like to bring this beautiful tradition into your ceremony ask someone in your wedding partyor a close member of your family if they would be so honored to place the lasso around you and your groom.

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