7 Ways to Have Fun on Your Wedding Day!

Weddings are a day of love, beauty, memories, and oh yes stress. You try to remember to eat, smile for the camera, say your vows without crying, make sure to chat with all your guests, and warn everyone about crazy aunt Sally! It's a wonderful day but a crazy one too. So among all this try to remember to have fun and take fun photos. Be silly, laugh a big laugh, twirl on the dance floor, and take 7 fun shots like these ones!

7. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry...

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Photo: JuilieHarrisPhotography.com

This bride definitely knows how to relax and not get too stressed out on her big day. A little drink doesn't hurt to calm those nerves and maybe help to keep your hands from shaking. You don't want to be a drunk bride and slur your vows, especially if you have a videographer! But take a fun photo like this one when your taking a sip from your flask or drinking a shot with all your girls. On our big day I was a little stressed out so during dinner when I was asked what I wanted to drink I said, "A Green Apple Martini Please!", and it really helped me keep my head on and have a great time. **What are some ways you stayed relaxed during your hectic wedding day? **

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