10 Ideal Bridal Party Gifts ...

By Diana

10 Ideal Bridal Party Gifts ...

Choosing your bridal party is a very important job. It takes time to think about those who really matter to you and who you see being in your life 10-20 years after your wedding day. And now that you have chosen your bridesmaids and groomsmen, in what ways will you thank them for accepting the honorable duty of being in your wedding?
Bridesmaid Gifts:

1 As Personal as Your Choice Was, so Should Be the Gift You Give Them…

As Personal as Your Choice Was, so Should Be the Gift You Give Them… Think about your bridesmaids' personalities. What hobbies are they into or what do they like to do to relax. Do they like to collect knick knacks or anything from their travels? If you would really like to surprise them with a special gift, check out sites like Gifts.com to search by personality or occasion. My maid of honor loves to scrapbook and has recently started to scrapbook pictures of her daughter. A personalized baby scrapbook could really add character to her collection.

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2 If You Can Afford to do so, Buy Their Bridesmaid Dress for Them…

If You Can Afford to do so, Buy Their Bridesmaid Dress for Them… You have a wedding budget that may or may not include purchasing the bridesmaid dresses. If it does, it will be a very sweet gift that your bridesmaid will appreciate. Right now, the economy is tough on everyone and maybe the burden of a $100-$200 dress is too much for someone who will probably only wear it once. If it doesn't fit into your budget, than think of a bridesmaid dress that is more like a cocktail dress that she can wear for many occasions. This Alfred Angelo tea length bridesmaid dress that we are considering for our girls will be nice for holiday parties as well because it is not overwhelming or lengthy.

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3 Any Woman Can Appreciate Jewelry…

Any Woman Can Appreciate Jewelry… Whether it is a unique bracelet, a pair of earrings to match her dress, or a beautiful beaded necklace; jewelry will always be accepted by bridesmaids every where. Jewelry can also be personalized. One girl's love for butterflies and another's love for birds can easily be coordinated with the same necklace but with a different charm. My step-daughter to be loves purses and I found the perfect charm that would be the perfect gift to thank her for being my junior bridesmaid.

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4 A Purse She Can Use for Your Wedding Day and Always…

A Purse She Can Use for Your Wedding Day and Always… A Purse She Can Use for Your Wedding Day and Always… A cute clutch handbag will come in handy for her on the day of. Maybe she can even hold a few things for you. Surprise her with a few items inside the clutch as well. Sneak in that favorite lip gloss she loves, or the compact mirror she lost last year. I know all my girls will love a little clutch that will make it easy for them to hold all their necessities on my big day. Again this doesn't have to be the typical wedding day clutch. If you would like to buy their favorite coloror maybe a Jonas Brothers clutchthat my step-daughters would love…go for it!

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5 Slippers That Your Bridesmaids' Feet Will Love You for…

Slippers That Your Bridesmaids' Feet Will Love You for… Your girls are going to be on their feet for at least four hours and sometimes the ceremony can make them pretty nervous being in front of all those people. Provide your bridesmaids with some comfortable slippers they can relax into once all the pictures are taken and the dancing begins. I'm thinking of buying my bridesmaids little ballet type slippersthat will make them feel quite relaxed once they're out of their high heels.

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1 Think about Your Guys and Who They Are…

Think about Your Guys and Who They Are… Your groomsmen deserve something just as personal and unique as they are. Maybe your guy is a football fanatic or has a big poker night every Thursday. Again, Gifts.com can help you find the perfect gift for your groomsmen's personality and maybe find something that you would have never thought of. My fiancé's son is a Steelers fanatic and knows everything there is to know about them. Although a Steelers tie would be very unique, these Steelers cufflinkswould better suit our wedding day and make for a wonderful gift!

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2 Rent Their Tux for Them…

Rent Their Tux for Them… I'm sure some of your groomsmen have a lot on their shoulders right now if they are a father and husband themselves. Paying to rent their tux for them would be a great gift if it fits into your wedding budget. Call the guys up and make a day out of trying on tuxedoes and surprise them with picking up the bill. My fiancé has already offered to rent his groomsmen's tuxedoesand has lifted their worried shoulders in this crunching time for everyone.

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3 Something Just for the Guys…

Something Just for the Guys… Guys like to just hang out at home sometimes or hang out with each other and just chill. Gifts like a shot glass, a cigar clipper, wallet, or even a sports bag will go along way with some of your groomsmen. My fiancé's uncle likes to host parties during the summertime where a few shot glasses would cetainly come in handy!

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4 Jewelry is Nice for Men Too…

Jewelry is Nice for Men Too… Any groomsmen can appreciate a nice watch, whether it is a leather sports band or a sterling sliver dress watch. It's easy to find a watch to fit any guy's personality; some guys like casual watches or maybe one with a team logo on it. And others like to dress up their watches as they dress up themselves. What sports team would your groomsmen like on his watch, or is he more of a Timex kind of guy?

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5 Groom Your Groomsmen...

Groom Your Groomsmen... A shaving travel kit is nice for any man, and what better day to give him a travel kit for. Grooming kits can come with a variety of products that will make it easy for you to pick the perfect one for your groomsmen. Some kits come with aftershave, body wash, and soap, while others come with scissors, trimmers, and shaving gel. My fiancé is thinking of getting his guys a nice groomkitso they will look nice and sharp for our wedding day.

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What are some gift ideas you have for your bridal party? Just remember to make them feel as unique as they are. They are helping you to make this day special, make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

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Thank you Suburban Grandma...I love DIY projects for Weddings. It always helps keep the cost down and still looks great too! :)

i would love the Jonas Brothers clutch!!!

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