15 Worst Gift Ideas for Him ...


15 Worst Gift Ideas for Him ...
15 Worst Gift Ideas for Him ...

Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, family member or friend; here are some of the worst gift ideas for him. We usually say it’s the thought that counts, but if you give out any of these gifts, he might think you didn’t put any thought into it! If you want the man in your life running for his life, then put these absolute worst gift ideas on top of your list. These gifts are pretty much guaranteed to get you on their bad list, so beware!

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A Thighmaster

Wondering what one of the top worst gift ideas is? It’s exercise equipment! I bet he would rather go to the gym rather than bring it home with him! A complete no-no when gifts are involved. Get creative this Christmas - use ideas from 14 Best Gifts for Men…


Work Tools

Your husband may never do anything around the house, but don’t disappoint him this Christmas by gifting him a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower. Where’s the fun and originality? While some men appreciate receiving work tools and take pride in their vast collection, some men might take offense to the gesture-especially if he’s not much of a handyman.


Fitting Clothes

Stay away from jeans and t-shirts that don’t fit. Unless you know him THAT well and he strives to look like Simon Cowell in a tight T-shirt, don’t buy clothes if you’re unsure of size, fabric and color. He may abhor the maroon sweater that you think is ‘hot and chic.’



He may smile and say thank you. Later he’ll take your ‘beautiful painting’ and make it a table top for his garage workshop! Men and artwork - rarely do they mix. So don’t punish him with modern art that he can hardly understand.


Crazy Gift Certificates

So you want him to lose weight? That’s fine, but don’t get him a gift certificate to a diet club or coaching tapes on fitness! Why remind him that he’s fat this season! Let him be, just think if he got you a gym membership or a scale, you would kill him! Get on his case next year!


Don’t Frame Yourself

Okay, so you’ve been going for self-esteem classes, but that’s no reason why you should gift him a framed picture of yourself every occasion! If you really want to give him a picture, why not frame a cute picture of the two of you or your group of friends or family?


Sure, having a hearty dose of self-love is fabulous, but don’t let it tip into narcissism. Imagine his confusion when he unwraps yet another shrine of your solo smize. Instead, opt for something that captures a memory you both cherish—it'll show that you value the shared moments and the relationship above all else. Plus, it has the bonus of maybe prompting a trip down memory lane, complete with laughter and inside jokes—definitely sweeter than an autographed headshot of yours truly. Keep the focus on 'us', not 'me'.


Fruitcake Frenzy

Unless you’re a word class cook or your husband is a world class liar, stay away from baked fruitcakes. Sometimes they can turn out to be quite a disaster. Fruitcakes pile up during Christmas so it’s better to gift something more personalised. These 10 Best Cooking Websites will help you be better cook


Assembling Nightmares

Your guy may be the king of DIY jobs so you’ve gone and bought him a complicated assemble - it - yourself table. Now he’s stuck in the garage all day trying to figure it out. All the while he’s feeling more like a loser! Anyway you can get more ideas at this post about 10 Best Horror Movies


Cheap Perfume

He may be a guy but almost anyone can spot cheap perfume especially the kind that is placed near the cash counter at department stores. If you’re forgotten to get him a gift just say so rather than buying him something cheap and crude. Btw here is some ideas for you: Top 10 Seductive Scents to Soothe Your Senses


Video Games

Unless you want him to get so addicted that he has no time for you stay away from buying him video games. Men are still boys at heart so they’ll convince you that video games are the perfect gift! That's why PlayStaition is at #4 in 14 Best Gifts for Men…


Too Far in Advance

You don’t want to buy concert tickets for a show that is six months away when you’ve only been dating for a few weeks. That’s telling him that you expect to be together for half of a year. While it’s really a compliment, he might take it poorly. You don’t want to scare him away with your gift. You want to find something that makes him love you even more!


A Pet

If he wants a pet, he probably wants to pick it out. That’s half of the fun of getting a dog, or any animal for that matter. Plus, if you buy it, he might view it as your pet too. While that can be fine and dandy at first, eventually it will cause problems. If you ever break up, who gets to keep the pet? You don’t want your harmless present to cause problems in the future.


Something for You

Don’t buy him every season of Breaking Bad if he doesn’t like the show. You don’t want to get him a gift that you know you’ll end up using instead of him. It’s not fair, and it could make him resent you. So be careful when choosing your gifts; Make sure they’re meant for him, and not for you. Then again, if he’s not a fan of Bryan Cranston, why are you even with him?


A Tie

It might seem like a cute idea to give him a tie with little Santa heads on it, but will he ever wear it? Unless he’s a goofy guy with a laid back job, he can’t wear that to the office. Sure, it’ll give him a good laugh and land you a kiss. However, it will be thrown into the back of the closet, never to be seen again. You have to consider whether or not a gift will really benefit him before you waste your money on it.


Knitted Sweater

If you’re creative, that’s great! You may want to make your own gifts for everyone in your life, but you have to make sure that they’ll appreciate your hard work. You know your man better than anyone. Before you pick up a needle, ask yourself if he’s going to wear what you make him. If you take the time to create something and he never ends up wearing it, you’re going to be angry at him, and it could ruin the holidays.

That’s my top pick of worst gifts for him. I’m sure you can add to this list with your own experiences! We all learn from other people mistakes so wizen up!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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I gave my man 3 things from here for Christmas... And they were things he wanted too ... I don't know if these necessarily imply to all relationships, specially long-term...

I certainly wouldn't buy socks for my men!!!!

- cigars and all stuff for them. - some cool pan or something like that - hot sexy lingerie for yourself :)

these are all good ideas but lets get real the best gift you can get him will only take a few minutes. its kind of a Do it yor self gift. All you need is your mouth your tongue and his..... He will definitely appreciate it

the presents you give your guy needs to have a lot of thought behind it. it doesn't matter what it is.. if you've thought about it and you've got him what you believe is the best present for him then he'll be happy with it because it was from you :)

Happy someone made a guide like this. Got too many crappy christmas gifts already. Not fitting cloths are definatly the worst although you can return them. Your girlfriend wont like it though if you return her things thanks!


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