10 Top Gifts to Get for Your Father ...


10 Top Gifts to Get for Your Father ...
10 Top Gifts to Get for Your Father ...

Father’s Day has come and gone. What did you get your dad? Hope it was something special! If you are looking for a great gift for dads, I have some ideas for you...

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A Gift Card to a Video Games Store

A Gift Card to a Video Games Store Photo Credit: cecilia hiatus

Okay, if you are dealing with a gamer, then this would be perfect for him! He would be happy with $100.00 loaded on a gift card to a video game store. This way, he can get the latest releases, if he likes. He might just flat out pay for Halo Reach before it comes out!
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A Gift Card to a Sporting Goods Store

A Gift Card to a Sporting Goods Store Photo Credit: PlasticBusinessCards

Okay, so he’s not really a gamer, he’s a sports fan. That is fine, because there are many sporting goods store around town that he would love to get a new jersey from. So, break out with some money and load it onto the gift card to a sporting goods store.


A New Fishing Rod

Men... Fishing is their favorite thing, because they get to go out on a boat or even their fishing spot and enjoy the quiet outdoors of fishing. Also, they use this time to take their kids to teach them how to fish. This is a perfect gift for your father or husband, because fishing is what they like to do.


Some New Tools

Some New Tools Photo Credit: jhhwild

Tools are important to a man's lifestyle, because they're the ones that fix everything. However, that can be the opposite ideal with some couples. Anyways, you will find that buying them a power drill or new tool set to be a perfect gift for father's day.


A New Computer

A New Computer Photo Credit: 800HighTech

For my husband this would be a perfect gift, because he always needs to stay up with technology to keep his work ongoing. Also, on his off times to play the newest games out on the PC. This is a perfect gift. However, it can be expensive.


A New Stereo

A New Stereo Photo Credit: Geneva Sound

Men always like to jam to their tunes or even music from the past. To relive their lives, they need a stereo to help them remember musical memories. The older your father is the more they will enjoy a stereo for their father's day.


Concert Tickets to the Favorite Band

Concert Tickets to the Favorite Band Photo Credit: pictureboy08

Well, this can be vice versa, because women and men enjoy going to concerts that have their favorite bands playing. My husband would rather listen to them at home, but there are some fathers out there that enjoy seeing their bands live.


New Clothes

New Clothes Photo Credit: Poofy

Men don't like shopping for clothes and go with regular fashions that you find on the rack. You can surprise them with a new fashion or even new accessories like watches, sunglasses or hats. Always make sure you know what they like before buying them something, because if they don't like it they won't wear it. So guys will like this some don't, but lucky for me my husband likes almost any fashion.


Family Day with the Kids and Wife

Family Day with the Kids and Wife Photo Credit: moonjazz

Family time is always what dads want, because they work so hard to maintain the family. They support them or make sure they're safe. So, when it comes to father's day, you should always have a dinner or go out to the beach to enjoy time with your father. When I do this, I take him to the zoo with the kids or go fishing with him for the day. He enjoys every minute of it, because the best present is time with his family.


A Gift Certificate to Use around the House

Okay, what am I talking about? No, I have not lost my mind. I know that many out there are not able to afford an expensive video game, an expensive jersey or anything else on this list, so why not make the best of the day and give him a gift certificate to use around the house. You know, kind of like a get out of jail free card! Make some gift certificate cards for times when he does not feel like washing dishes, taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn and all that stuff. For example, make one card for each chore and he can use it whenever he wants, but once he uses it, he can’t use it again. Does that make sense?

Top Photo Credit: flopper

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Useful post) thank you)) But... fishing rod... Do you know that fish feels pain just in the same way as humans do? And I do not think that you would feel confortable laying miserable without being able even to breath with your throat terribly damaged by the sharp hook... So why not to give Dad a new camera then, just to enjoy nature in the same way taking some beautiful pictures to remember and not causing harm to anyone?))

would a gun be a good gift for those who enjoy killing people even though some disagree that murder is okay?) I guess it's not just about individual chice.

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