8 Best House-Warming Gifts ...

I used to always bring the uncreative bottle of wine to each house-warming party, and though the hosts would always accept the bottle with grace, I felt more than a little lame. Then I did a little digging and came up with a standard set of incredible house-warming gifts, all of them sure to please. This is the list I refer to whenever I have a house-warming party to attend, and the gifts are always a hit!

1. Numi Flowering Tea Gift Set

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Price: $29.97 at acaciacatalog.com
If the new home owners are tea lovers, this is an ideal house-warming gift! The set includes nine tea β€œblooms,” stitched together with fine cotton thread. Just drop one β€œrose” into the clear glass pot, pour in boiling water, and watch as it slowly blossoms. Each bloom can be used up to four times. So pretty and unique!

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