8 Beautiful Brigitte Bardot Gifts ...


8 Beautiful Brigitte Bardot Gifts ...
8 Beautiful Brigitte Bardot Gifts ...

As regular readers may have gathered, I am a huge fan of the incomparable Brigitte Bardot. I’m not a fan of merchandise, as a rule, but while browsing on eBay I came across some fantastic Bardot-themed items. These would make wonderful gifts for any admirer of the French beauty …

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T-Shirt Price: $15.92 at cgi.ebay.com
The photo featured on this t-shirt is one of the most iconic images of Bardot. With her hair blowing in the wind, and a cigarette dangling casually from her lips, it embodies Bardot’s carefree attitude.


First Day Cover

First Day Cover Price: $5 at cgi.ebay.com
Bardot and her films have been the subject of many stamps. This first day cover features a stamp with an image from one of her later film, ‘Viva Maria’, plus a larger image with her wearing a fabulous Sixties hat.


Canvas Print

Canvas Print Price: $59.99 at cgi.ebay.com
Bardot at her sexy best here! This 12’’x12’’ print would look fabulous in any lounge or bedroom.



Postcard Price: $8 at cgi.ebay.com
If you collect vintage postcards, this one shows Bardot before she became France’s most famous blonde. Not that it’s hard to recognise her! That pout and come-hither look is just too distinctive …



Suitcase Price: $35 at etsy.com
You can always rely on those talented Etsy sellers to come up with something different! This suitcase has been decorated with a poster from the film that made Bardot famous- ‘And God Created Woman’. With luggage like this, you won’t find it hard to pick it out on the baggage carousel!


Digital Print

Digital Print Price: $8 at etsy.com
This digital image is a stylised representation of Bardot’s tousled blonde mane. It’s cute and sexy at the same time. The picture could be framed, or if you’re feeling very arty used to decorate furniture such as a table.



Pendant Price: $5 at etsy.com
It never fails to amaze me just what can be turned into something completely different. One seller has used a wooden Scrabble tile to make necklaces, this one featuring Bardot at her pouty best.



Artwork Price: $35 at etsy.com
Prints and posters of Bardot are easily found, but if you want an original piece of artwork, here’s something for you. This ink and watercolour drawing shows Bardot with her hair piled on top of her head, decorated with pink flowers, and accompanied by two flamingoes (as you do).

Are you a collector of memorabilia? If so, who or what is the subject or theme? How far would you go to get the perfect piece?

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Love the pendant of her.

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