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8 Pretty Holiday Throw Pillows ...

By Jennifer

There’s no easier way to add a touch of holiday cheer to a room than by adding a festive throw pillow to a chair, sofa, or bed. And there are so many gorgeous, merry throws to choose from! I’ve been searching for a few new ones for my living room and guest room, and I found a bunch at one of my favorite home décor shops. Here are 8 pretty holiday throw pillows from Crate & Barrel.

1 Crate & Barrel Merrie 12" Pillow

Crate & Barrel Merrie 12" PillowPrice: $24.95 at
I don’t know why, but this throw pillow reminds me of a holiday-themed cupcake. Look at the stumpy brown tree trunk, and the fluffy green tree (with a marshmallow-white bird perched on top). See what I mean? I think this would be perfect

2 Crate & Barrel Alpine Red 18" Pillow

Crate & Barrel Alpine Red 18" PillowPrice: $34.95 at
I love the contemporary look and feel of this square pillow! It features a deep red felt background with appliqués and embroidery to look like pine needles, boughs, and holly berries in shades of two green and creamy white. This would look so pretty on a neutral beige sofa, especially paired with the coordinating pillow in item 7 and a deep red throw blanket.


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3 Crate & Barrel Tartan Plaid 18" Square Pillow

Crate & Barrel Tartan Plaid 18" Square PillowPrice: $26.95 at
Why does a green and red tartan plaid always remind me of Christmas? This pillow is done in a rustic traditional tartan, so it would look so pretty with a cream-colored slip-covered couch, or any chair or sofa with wood accents.

4 Crate & Barrel Jewel Emerald 18"x12" Pillow

Crate & Barrel Jewel Emerald 18"x12" PillowPrice: $26.95 at
Crate & Barrel’s Jewel Emerald line includes table linens, a Christmas stocking, a tree skirt, and this pretty throw pillow. I love the angular bits of fabric in rich jewel tones, like (of course) emerald green, ruby red, amethyst, and topaz. With so many colors, it would look lovely on any colored couch or chair in almost any fabric.

5 Crate & Barrel Crystal Beaded 16" Pillow

Crate & Barrel Crystal Beaded 16" PillowPrice: $49.95 at
This beautiful, hand-beaded pillow reminds me of snow, inspiring dreams of White Christmases with downy white flakes, peaceful, glittering and serene. It’s lush white, the color of angel-down feathers and marshmallow fluff.

6 Crate & Barrel Fahey 18" Pillow

Crate & Barrel Fahey 18" PillowPrice: $39.95 at
This pillow is done in an open-weave red, nubby and soft and rustic, but still very elegant. Pair with any of your existing throw pillows to add texture and a splash of festive color. This looks really nice with any natural linen fabrics…

7 Crate & Barrel Alpine Ivory 18"x12" Pillow

Crate & Barrel Alpine Ivory 18"x12" PillowPrice: $26.95 at
This pillow coordinates with the red pillow in item 2, and they would look so pretty together on a couch! I love this one because it’s mostly a lush, creamy white with green and red appliquéd pine boughs and berries. It’s so festive!

8 Crate & Barrel Jewel Ruby 18" Pillow

Crate & Barrel Jewel Ruby 18" PillowPrice: $29.95 at
This is from my favorite of Crate & Barrel’s holiday themes this year, the Jewel Ruby series. The series has so many gorgeous pieces, and they all coordinate so nicely. They all feature the same rich jewel tone colors and lush velvet backing. This pillow is so gorgeous, I’ll be reluctant to put it away after the holiday… why not leave it til spring?

These are just my favorite throw pillows at Crate & Barrel this season, and there are so many more at my other favorite home décor stores, like Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Dwell Studio… I could go on for hours! Which of these festive holiday throw pillows do you like best, and why? Please share!

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