7 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys ...


7 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys ...
7 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys ...

Do you have a teen boy on your gift list this year and are hunting for Christmas gifts for teenage boys? It's true that males at this age are very hard to shop for. They seem to have everything already and their wants tend to be a bit pricier than when they were little. Never fear! There are loads of Christmas gifts for teenage boys of all price ranges so you're sure to find just what your son, nephew or godson wants under the tree this year.

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Clothes - $22 - $55

girl, outerwear, fun, event, communication, Teen boys are into their style so you can't go wrong with clothes. Keep it simple though as they don't tend to want anything too fancy or dressy. A basic t-shirt or hoodie is always a good choice.
Gucci T-shirt - $21.95
Vans x Peanuts Holiday Hoodie - $54.50
Jordan 23 Full-Zip Hoodie - $37.99


Media Gear - $32 - $65

girl, Boys love their toys, so it makes sense to give him an accessory that he can use with his smartphone, tablet or gaming system. Anything in this category will make you the favorite this Christmas.
XPro 200 Audio Gaming Chair - $65.00
Luckies Smartphone Projector 2.0 - $32.00
Sphero Ollie App-Controlled Robot - $59.99


Grooming - $10 - $38

shoulder, chin, girl, muscle, neck, You might not think that teen boys care that much about grooming, but the truth is that they really do. Teen boys want to impress girls, so giving him something that helps him look good is always a great idea.
Grooming Box Subscription - $10.00
Guys So Cal Cologne - $38.00
Teen Son Stick Figure Manicure Pedicure Grooming Set - $9.99


Car Accessories - $18 - $30

man, male, muscle, arm, barechestedness, If the teen in your life drives and has a car, accessories to make his ride a little bit better are a wonderful idea. There is lots to choose from, but anything you choose is sure to make him smile when he unwraps it this Christmas.
PlasmaGlow Neon LED Strip- $26.79
Electronics Accessories - $29.99
Sharper Image Dash Cam - $17.99


Novelty Items

eyewear, black and white, sunglasses, vision care, monochrome photography, They might be teenagers, but boys still love getting something really cool that no one else has. Finding him the perfect novelty gift isn't as hard as you think. There are lots of fun Build Your Own Marble Coaster - $29.95
Diggin' Slimeball Slinger - $25.99
Super Magnetic Putty - $14.00


Music Accessories - $99 - $149

cartoon, room, games, human behavior, play, Teen boys love their music so making it easier and more enjoyable for him to rock out to his favorite tunes is a must have this year. When he unwraps what's under the Christmas tree, he'll be so happy, all thanks to you.
Bose SoundSport In Ear Bluetooth Headphones - $129.95
Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker - $149.00
MoMA Design Store Hoveric Levitating Speaker - $99.00


Sports Gear - $24 - $139

hockey protective equipment, team sport, protective gear in sports, Most teen boys play some kind of sport, so contributing to his love of that activity is a fun idea. There are lots of ideas in this category, but any of them are sure to please.
The Mug with a Hoop - $24.00
MLB Sheet Set - $24.50
Sport Shelving - $139.00

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