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Buying presents for boys is hard at the best of times, but when you are trying to pick something romantic, it’s nearly impossible. It’s so hard to tell what he’ll like and what he won’t, so I tend to stick to things he’s mentioned, which aren’t especially romantic. Not anymore, though, so here are my top 15 romantic gift ideas for boys!

1. Love Oreo Gift Set

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Delicious, sweet, and so festive! Oreos are hard to turn down and when they’re drizzled in chocolate and decorated with colorful sprinkles, he won’t be able to keep his hands off these handmade treats.

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2. Nixon Bracelet Watch

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A sleek, stylish matte black watch with a beveled bezel and three-hand face. This watch is equally stylish as it is functional and is sure to become your guy’s favorite accessory. It’s versatile, sturdy, and high quality so you know this is a gift that’s not just going to sit in the box and collect dust.

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3. Pizza Socks

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Socks aren’t exactly the most exciting gift no matter what the occasion but when they’ve got pizzas on them, it’s a whole other story. Give your favorite pizza lover a pair of socks that he’ll actually enjoy wearing and maybe pair it with a real pizza and he’ll be like putty in your hands.

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4. Personalized Camera Strap

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If your man loves snapping photos every chance he gets, then this classic leather camera strap personalized with his name or initials is the ideal gift for him. It gets high marks for being comfortable, stylish, and being made of high quality materials.

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5. Guitar Pick Keychain

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We all need keychains so makes his one that he’ll enjoy using and showing off. This guitar pick keychain stores picks so he can keep them handy and he won’t have to worry about losing his picks again. He might even thank you by serenading you with a song!

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6. The Man Can

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He might not admit it, but men like a little pampering every now and then, too. Who can resist body butter and a good scrub? The Man Can holds 5 high quality skin care products with a body mitt for the ultimate in skincare all in a paint can! Spoil your guy with smooth, sexy skin.

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7. Beard Perfector and Kit

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The best of the best in beard care! No matter what his beard style is, this kit will get him groomed to perfection in no time. Some of its most notable features include 6 comb options, is 100% waterproof, has self-sharpening blades, and a rechargeable battery that has up to 5 hours of use.

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8. Beer Brewing Kit

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Just imagine how proud he’ll be of himself when he brews his own gallon of beer. This beer brewing kit comes with a glass jug, tubing/clamp, rubber stopper, air lock, thermometer, funnel, racking cane, and a brewing guide.

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9. Chocolate and Wine Set

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For the couple that’s of drinking age, what could be more romantic than sipping on some delicious red wine and feeding each other scrumptious chocolates?! No matter how you’re planning on celebrating, take some time out to indulge your senses with this sweet set. If you’re not into wine, why not recreate something similar with a drink that you both enjoy and pair it with your favorite sweet or salty treat.

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10. Men's Starter Kit

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A skincare set might not be at the first thing that comes to mind when you think about romance, but you know he’s going to love you for it! This kit comes with just about everything a man could want or need when it comes to treating his skin well and we think you’re going to love the results, also! Goodbye, dry hands!

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11. IPhone Wallet Case

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Let’s face it, guys are just as obsessed with their phones as we are. This sleek phone case not only looks incredible, it’s also super functional with five card slots and interior slip pockets so he has everything he needs all in one place. This case is perfect for someone who hates carrying a wallet or always seems to misplace things.

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12. Comfy Slippers

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He might scoff at the fact that these are Ugg slippers but he’s going to love coming home to a pair of soft and cozy slippers! Ugg slippers are comfortable no matter the time of year and they’ll definitely become part of his favorite way to relax at home. Throw out that ratty pair he has at home and watch his face light up when he sees these!

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13. Spa Style Robe

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While we’re on the subject of comfort, can we talk about this robe? Not only is the hood a great detail, it’s also unisex so you can steal/share it! Made of 100% cotton, this cozy robe is ideal for lazy weekends, during pamper time, or just hanging out at home. Give him a gift that the both of you can really enjoy.

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14. Sexy Truth or Dare

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Don’t be afraid to get naughty, it’s Valentine’s Day after all. Try this classic game with a sexy twist that features a stick with a dare on one end and truth on the other. Learn about one another and engage your mind with the truths and engage your bodies with the dares. Either way you go, it’s a fun way to get to know one another on a deeper level.

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15. Non-iron Dress Shirt

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No matter what your man’s style is, there will come a time when he needs a white dress shirt. This one comes in a classic fit that features shatter-proof buttons, lay-flat seams, and strategically placed top buttons for the ultimate style whether he wears a tie or not. Who knows, you just might get him into wearing dress shirts on the regular!

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Whatever your boyfriend likes, there will be the perfect romantic present for him, which will drive him wild! I love giving my boyfriend presents, even if they are just because. Seeing him smile makes it so worth the effort! Have you got a present idea that’s worked for you, or a lovely story about giving your man a present? I’d love to hear about it!

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