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Pros and Cons of Getting Married in Las Vegas ...

By Mabelle

The first things that come to mind when you mention a Las Vegas wedding are these: quickie weddings, Elvis impersonators, tacky chapels and even wedding bouquets playing a taped version of the wedding march.

But what if you live in Las Vegas or a nearby city and you have no other option but to get married in the Sin City?

Here's a quick list of the** pros and cons** of getting hitched in Vegas:
• Vegas weddings are **affordable **- you can have a complete ceremony for a few hundred bucks. (Find more affordable wedding ideas here!)
• You can get married in a whim, a.k.a short notice.
• It's convenient, **fun **and you don't need to fly off for your honeymoon!

• You can't have your dream of a fairy-tale wedding with color-coordinated everythings. (Find your own fairy-tale, fab wedding gown no matter your style or I-do destination!)
• You can't hold the reception on the wedding chapel - it needs a separate arrangement.
• Finally, there's still that tacky image associated to quickie Vegas weddings.

However, if you're not into image-building and you just want to get hitched with the love of your life - there's absolutely no reason for you to ditch the idea of a Vegas wedding. At least for one day, you can shed all pretense and not care a damn about what other people think!

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