Ten Most Fab Vera Wang Wedding Gowns ...

I love flipping through Vera Wang bridal collections once in a while. It’s not that I am hitched (or that I’m planning to walk down the aisle anytime soon or that I’m complaining…but I digress) but, really, who wouldn’t want to go Wang for their wedding?

Apart from the fact that I’ll have bragging rights for wearing a Vera (I’m sure I won’t tire greeting my guests, “Oh hello, thank you for attending my big day. Do you know that this is a Vera Wang gown?”), I know I will look nothing short of blooming, beautiful and blushing on that fantabulous day!

Check out my fav fabulous gowns by the world’s #1 bridal fashion designer and see which Vera Wang you would wear!

10. Ivory Silk Gown

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I like the cowl neck feature of this ivory silk georgette pleated column and velvet sash number:

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