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Fabulous Beach Wedding Look on a Budget ...

By ave

Thinking of a beautiful beach wedding, ****stylishbut on a**budget**? Don’t fret! There’s one fabulous beach wedding look that you can get on just a fraction of the price…sport a bohemian-style outfit! You can grab a dress that has a Moroccan-style print on it. This look will definitely make you a glowing bride!

Choose a long flowing dress that can just billow or sway along with the breeze as you walk down your “mini sand aisle” along the beach. If you intend to get a tan before the big day, you can easily choose bright colored dresses that can accentuate your features and pretty skin. As for footwear, a pair of beaded sandals can complete the look. Don’t forget to wear something that’s light, easy on the feet and something casual enough for you to kick off as your groom carries you off to the sunset!

Now if you’re worried about the expenses, don’t be! You can buy a Zara cotton and silk dress for only **$129, a pair of Aldo sandals for $49.99** and then a Marciano beaded bag for only $138 for a grand total of $316.99 For just a very affordable price, not only will you score a big bargain on such a stylish look but you will be the most beautiful bride in the eyes of your loving groom.
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