5 Style on a Budget Ideas...

By Meream

5 Style on a Budget Ideas...

1 DIY Layer Chain Necklace

I can definitely whip this one up in 15 minutes. The instructions are clear and there are photos, too!

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2 How to Wear Clogs (on a Budget)

Rachel Bilson shows us how to wear the emerging fashion staple: clogs. If you are on a budget, get yours at Endless.

3 Spring Must-Haves for under $50

Courtesy of College Fashion, you'll know where to buy items inspired by all the loveliness shown on the runway. From clear accessories to nude shoes, these are perfect for any student's budget.

4 Spring Trench Coat for under $50

Looking forward to wearing cute and stylish trench coats this spring? Why don't you update your wardrobe with these affordable lovelies?

5 Swap Old Jeans for a New One

And get a discount on the new jeans! Great way to save the environment and give you more closet space, right? Only at Gap.
Top Image by: College Fashion

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Style on a budget is basically my favorite thing on the planet. I may just need to invest in one of those trench coats - so fabulous!! :)

thanks for the feature :D

spring is close, time to invest in some style with...? handbags handbags handbags! girls, we should have this topic more often. handbags vs replica handbsgs. Guess what I`d choose. D`oh! good job on the article

fab post honey,thanks for sharing xx Marian.

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